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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Winnipeg Entertainer for your Next Company Event


Are you looking to shake things up at your next company-sponsored event in Winnipeg? Tired of the same old same old, with basic catered dinners and a bunch of chatter? We know that the weather can be cold but a good Winnipeg Entertainer can make your next event hot! There are many ways that hiring a corporate entertainer can benefit you and your company at your next special event!

It’s a great way to set your company apart while showing your employees you care! The standard after hour company events can get boring for your employees. People don’t want to show up just to have dinner with people from work; they want something unique and different to do when they are off the clock. Hiring local Winnipeg entertainers can help you put on an event that is unique, memorable, and shows your employees that you are willing to have a good time. It also shows that you think your employees are worth the extra money to bring in a professional entertainer!

Increase attendance at work related outings. Company outings that don’t offer something special often have very low attendance. While these events are a great way to get to know other people in the company on a more personal level, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get people to show up. When you bring in a professional entertainer, you are adding a main event to the evening. You may not be able to get people to come out for a dinner, but you will definitely be able to get them to come if you bring in a notable comedian or entertainer.

Having a great work event can lead to increased morale at the office. When people from work can get together and have a good time without having to focus on work, they are able to view their office environment as a much more relaxed place. Workers that don’t feel as stressed or have a negative view of the workplace are more likely to enjoy coming to work and have a higher level of productivity. While we don’t want to go as far as to say that bringing in a Winnipeg entertainer will increase your bottom line, we can say that it will make your workplace a much happier place for your employees!

Use entertainers as an incentive to help your company grow. Depending on what type of company you run you may be able to hire a professional entertainer and use their events or performance as an incentive for your employees. For all companies, in order to make money you have to sell something. Why not offer your sales team free tickets to a private company show if they close enough sales? Give back to your company’s hardest working employees and show them that you care!

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional entertainer for your next company event give Corporate Entertainers a call. We have the skills, the know how, and most important the entertainers that you need to make your next company event unforgettable. We want you to think of as the premier talent agency for Canada and the greater Winnipeg Area, and you can contact us anytime for more information about how you can make your next event one to remember.

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