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A Capella Group Retrocity Is Sure To Be A Hit At Your Event

retrocity_bandRetrocity Will Take Your Event On An A Capella Trip Through Time

It might be 2015, but the 80s are making their comeback. Popular music, fashion, and technology have adopted a retro style that’s equal parts endearing, cool, and just plain fun. Let your next corporate function embrace the retro trends sweeping through pop culture by hiring the biggest names in retro entertainment. Retrocity will bring your event back to the future!

This eight-person a cappella group has the power to get your entire guest list on their feet and dancing to the best of the 80s and beyond – with only their voices! If you aren’t familiar with a cappella music, we’ll give you a short run-down. It’s a type of music that showcases the human voice in all its glory, as it’s performed without any instrumental accompaniment. Lately, it’s taken the world by storm, as YouTube has popularized the style and made stars out of a cappella performers enjoyed all over the Internet.

With over a decade under their belts, Retrocity easily has the more experience enchanting audiences with their a cappella prowess than any Internet sensation. Their bold, funky, and fun vocal shows have been dubbed “acappellatude” for their totally rad take on the 80s. From Toto to the Eurythmics and everything in between, they’ll perform one of your favourites in a way you’ve never heard it before. With a repertoire that includes musical greats like Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, Hall & Oates, and Queen, they’ll play your audience’s favourites too! Leaving no stone unturned, Retrocity sings pop, jazz, soul, and funk to cover all of the vintage songs you love.

But it’s not just their astounding vocal range and abilities that make them the talent to book, it’s their stage presence. Over the 11 years they’ve toured the world together, Retrocity has perfected a high-energy, kinetic show filled with impeccable musicianship. Their raw talent and polished performance combine to take you on a musical adventure through the decades. Their on-stage antics and vocal aerobatics are infectious. You might find more than a few audience members singing along with the hits!

Curious how just eight voices can recreate the riffs, beats, and saxophone solos of the 80s? It certainly sounds like an impossible feat when you remember the synth tracks that made up most of the music of the decade. The only way to find out is to book Retrocity for your next function. You’ll see how they turn the improbable into the possible – and then some! As Rob (Sandy) Mowat, producer of Fresh Air on CBC Radio One said, “Who needs instruments when you’ve got this kind of vocal flexibility?” If you have Retrocity booked for your function, you won’t need a single guitar, synth, or drum-set to have a fun.

When you’re ready to impress your guest-list with a fabulous a cappella group, you need to get in touch with one of our agents. We can speak on your behalf and secure the best 80s a cappella group in the country. Perfect for any sports events, trade shows, banquets, workshops, festivals, Retrocity is the totally tubular shot in the arm your function needs!

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