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A Comedian Makes Any Retirement Bash Memorable & Fun

jodypetersLaughter is a Part of Any Great Retirement Party

Retirement – for some of us, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel that gets us through each workday. For others, it’s a compulsory farewell that signals the end of a significant chapter of their lives. Most of us, however, can agree on one thing: a boss’ or co-worker’s retirement is an occasion worthy of celebration.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it comes to the departure of a caring, long term employee. Though the office is happy for their achievement and hoping the best in their retirement, it can be sad to see such a helpful member of the team leave. The office will be losing a friend in addition to a colleague.

And that’s just how retirement affects the remaining employees! For the retiree themselves it can be a difficult transition as they leave behind their long time career and work friends – some of whom they may have known for decades.

Retirement, therefore, can elicit a strange mixture of bittersweet emotions, which is why it’s so important to celebrate it properly. Your employee, manager, or co-worker deserves more than a lacklustre dinner or – worse – a store-bought cake during their lunch break. They should have a fun and memorable retirement party where everyone can reminisce, celebrate, and appreciate the departing colleague.

Unfortunately, the waters begin to muddy as soon as the office starts brainstorming ideas on the best ways to send off the retiring individual. We all have our own ideas of what the perfect retirement party would be. Though we all want the same result – a lighthearted, fun evening – sometimes the best route to get there isn’t so obvious. Simple dinners, in-office parties, and other “same-old” ideas just don’t seem right.

We’ve worked with many planning committees that struggled with this task before contacting our offices. Frustrated and fed-up, they came to us because they knew that the same old tricks wouldn’t work. They wanted something better than they could offer on their own, and it’s something that we offer to all of our clients. With North America’s top-rated talent, we can help create a truly memorable and exciting evening.

Nothing can make a retirement party extra special like the addition of a corporate comedian. One of our hilarious stand-up comics can inject huge laughs into such an important night, keeping the proceedings light and fun. All of our comedians will create a custom-made routine especially for the night, combining their set with relevant material to create a personalized send-off for important retirees. In between side-splitting jokes, they’ll go over career highlights, emphasizing your colleague’s achievements, contributions, and awards. Along the way, they’ll share funny stories, friendly memories, and warm wishes.

To get started on such a personalized evening of hilarity, give us a call. We can work on your behalf to find the best comedian for your retiring colleague. Then we’ll get them in touch with you so that they can learn more about your co-worker and build a customized set rich with details about their career, personality, and accomplishments. This special touch will truly show just how special your colleague is. More importantly, it will ensure their transition will be a fun and hilarious one! So if someone on staff is gearing to retire in 2016, go for gold; plan a party with a corporate comedian.

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