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We’ve been North America’s go-to corporate talent agency since 1972. That’s 44 years of connecting various event planners, associations, and enterprises with the best entertainers the continent has to offer. We take pride in the level of service that we offer. Our success is our clients’ success, so we pull out all of the stops to locate and book the ideal comedian, hypnotist, or musical act for any event. That’s why our process includes providing superior advice and unrivalled support until we find you your entertainer. It’s a partnership that delivers results!

One crucial part of this process is what we’ve dubbed the question and answer period. It’s nothing as dull or official as the House of Common’s Question Period. It’s a time to exchange important details about your event, so we can find an amazing entertainer for your audience. But’s also a time when you get to learn more about us, as we’ll explain why our unique combination of expertise, experience, and customer support makes us the right agency for the job. Not only will you discover how we do things, but you’ll find assurance in our manner and our results.

Many times, we’re asked similar questions by our prospective and return clients alike. Today we’d like to address these questions by providing quick and helpful information about our services and our company.

For new clients, often their first question will regard our distinction of ‘corporate’ for our list of entertainers. As we’re booking performers for various companies, organizations, and charities, we can’t in good conscious offer up just any entertainer. The names you’ll see on our website have been specifically vetted with work environments in mind, so you won’t have to worry about insulting audiences with crass, outrageous humour better suited for late night comedy clubs. Our talent offers clean and inoffensive material that’s suitable for the diverse crowds attending a corporate event.

It’s this attention to detail which answers our second most popular question from new clients. Some of our performers are listed on other agency websites, so our prospective clients wonder why they should choose us over the competition. The answer is simple. We have over 4 decades of experience, networking with the best performers across North America. In that time, we’ve cultivated an organized and detailed method of locating and screening these performers that extends into everything that we do. Our agents are knowledgeable, friendly, and renowned for their superior customer service and object advice that you can rely on. Though you may see a few performers represented by different agencies, you won’t find our level of expertise and assistance anywhere else.

You don’t survive for as long as we have in this kind of business if you don’t provide exclusive services. The time that we devote in order to learn about your event’s goals and requirements is matchless, and it shows. We’re always able to arrive at the best performer who’s uniquely suited for your company and its audience.

This is why we welcome so many return clients when the next event of theirs requires another performer. They’re more comfortable with our agents, so they end up asking whether or not we can book an entertainer not listed on our website. We love to answer this one because it requires a simple answer. We’re constantly adding new performers to our roster, and sometimes our website can’t keep up! We encourage all of our clients – not just those who are returning – to let us know which entertainer they’re looking for, and we’ll use our amazing network of talent to find the performer your events need!

In fact, we urge you to contact us whenever you have a question or suggestion. Our agents are available via email and phone, and they’re happy to answer any additional questions we haven’t covered today. Once you’re armed with the right information, then we can move forward and find you the ideal performer for your event.

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