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Andrew Grose is a Seasoned Stand-Up Comedian Sure to Impress

andrew groseWow Crowds with a Veteran of Comedy

Disappointed when a supposedly funny comedian opens their mouth, and the oldest, most hackneyed jokes come out of their mouth? Unfortunately, all too often the wrong comedian is chosen for a corporate event, leaving its attendees and organizers less than impressed. Well, if you want something done right, sometimes you have to go with a pro. With over 25 years in the Canadian comedy scene, Andrew Grose is just that expert. Armed with impeccable timing, a sharp wit, and a keen observational eye, he’ll make sure your special event is the best one yet.

A true veteran of comedy, Andrew has performed in the top comedy clubs and theatres across the country. He’s also no stranger to performing before huge audiences, starring in several renowned comedy specials, including CTV’s Comedy Now!, the CBC’s Comics!, and The Comedy Network’s Comedy at Club 54. With other televised appearances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, and the world famous Just For Laughs gala, he has the poise and wit to entertain large and diverse crowds. His unique brand of comedy tickles the funny bone of every Canadian. In 2010, he was handpicked by the Mayor of Edmonton to perform at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts.

Over his long career, Andrew has worked tirelessly to give back to his community. In 2003, he travelled to Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates to entertain the Canadian troops. That same year, he organized the annual Laughing for Cancer Benefit. Now in its 13th year, the benefit raises serious cash for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

When he isn’t touring Canada and the rest of the world, Andrew manages to co-host 630 CHED’s The Tencer and Grose Show, delivering the news on Alberta’s most listened to station. Western Canadians can hear him five days a week, and it’s through this steady schedule that Andrew has learnt how to adapt for his audience and media. Whether it’s for stage, radio, or television, as long as he’s in front of a microphone, Andrew is ready to deliver on hilarity. Known for his unique perspectives on life, he shares his own experiences as a husband and father, tempering anecdotes with common observations to relate with his audiences. With highly accessible and downright enjoyable material, Andrew reveals his well-honed eye for the absurdities in everyday life that will get everyone laughing.

If you’re tired of ho-hum entertainment for your important events, stop searching for excellence in a pool of questionable talent. Come to us, an experienced corporate talent agency with a roster of tried and tested stand-up comedians, for help. When you need a sure-fire way to keep your audience laughing, we’ll make sure this seasoned comedian is available for your event. Give us a call too book Andrew for your big day, and we’ll ensure you have a veteran who can deliver the freshest, sharpest, and downright funniest jokes to keep your audience in stitches. So pick up the phone and speak with our agents today!

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