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If you’ve been given the task of organizing the entertainment for your company’s upcoming event, you may feel like you’re under a lot of pressure. Whether you’re planning a staff celebration, a retirement party, or a special meeting, the quality of the performer you choose has a huge impact on its success. On your search to locate the best entertainer, you can come across a lot of professionals who aren’t suitable for your guests, your company, or your event. Unfortunately, knowing when a comedian or musical group doesn’t work is easier than recognizing a performer who will. If you’re stumped on whom to hire and feeling anxious about your choice, don’t worry. We’re here to take the stress out of your job.

We understand the unique challenges facing you in your task to find the best performer. We like to call it the black hole of Google. Typing into its search words like corporate comedian or funniest comedian or some variation thereof will amount to millions of results. There’s no way to check out all of them; there just isn’t enough time before the big day. Even if you were to limit your investigation to the first few pages, you can find yourself struggling. And so you should.

Finding the best performer isn’t as simple as clicking the first link that Google can provide you; it’s a delicate procedure, where you have to consider their strengths, performance style, qualifications, experience, and, most importantly, their cost. It can take time going through their professional websites, news articles, and YouTube videos to see if they can put on a clean, fun show that matches up with your event. Even critical acclaim should be read with a grain of salt, as what makes a comedian or musician great for a previous function may not make them ideal for yours. Left to your own devices, you’ll be lost to your search results and wasting days you don’t have attempting to track down performers’ agents’ numbers. When you have a fast approaching deadline, you need to make your job easier.

There’s no easier way to find an appropriate entertainer than by partnering up with us! We’ve been connecting event planners with top-rated performers since 1972. Before Google – before the Internet! – we managed to track down North America’s most celebrated entertainers the old fashioned way. While we’ve updated our methods to match the time, we still know how to locate the best and the brightest talent. Through our vast network across the continent with performers, agents, and other agencies, we’ve created an impressive roster of entertainers. Each and every name on the list has undergone heavy scrutiny, ensuring they meet ours and our clients’ standards. With an intimate knowledge of the comedians, magicians, impressionists, and musical acts making up our roster, we can point you in the direction of the ideal performer.

Our agency offers an invaluable service by saving you time, energy, and stress. To remove some of the pressure of finding the best performer for your upcoming event, exit out of Google and step away from the computer. Give us a call and let us find you your ideal entertainer.

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