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A Talented Emcee Will Keep Your Event On The Right Track

steve_pattersonGet The Host With The Most

With your company-wide event on the horizon, have you decided on who will emcee yet? Don’t fall into the same trap so many other corporate event planners fall into. The CEO, CMO, or anyone else on the upper rungs of the corporate ladder shouldn’t be given this responsibility. Chances are these individuals aren’t particularly adept at moving a crowd and keeping presentations flowing on schedule. They may even rely heavily on cue cards. Talk about a bore! Though they may be excited to take on this new and novel task, don’t let them. Their talents lie elsewhere.

An emcee, on the other hand, is exactly the type of talent that you need hosting your event. Also known as an M.C. (standing for “Master of Ceremonies”) can “Move any Crowd” through a long and eventful presentation. Where your CEO and CMO are gifted in the boardroom, an emcee’s talents are on stage before a crowd. Witty, articulate, and concise, these performers can keep any event on track by setting an upbeat and amusing tone.

Experience lets them effortlessly attune to any crowd, adapting their hosting style to the unique demographics, interests, and industry of their audience. With a keen sense for audience engagement, an emcee can captivate their audience in between presentations. Their charm and witticisms will keep audience members listening, ensuring they’re wide awake for any shop talk, business directives, and training that your event has in store.

While a CEO or CMO will read stonily from cue cards and stall when unexpected delays alter the event’s schedule, a talented emcee has learnt to roll with the punches. They stay flexible enough to accommodate any change or delay to the proceedings, tapping into their natural awareness of the rhythm and tone of your event. Their attitude remains upbeat and fun regardless of disruptions, effortlessly keeping audiences engaged, attentive, and entertained throughout.

No one makes the job of emcee look as simple as Steve Patterson, who easily hosts high profile private events, conventions, trade shows, and comedy festivals. As host of the CBC’s The Debaters and the touring host for the Just For Laughs in 2011, he’s had more than enough experience as emcee to hone his chops as your master of ceremonies. Steve has toured the world and delighted international audiences with his lightning-quick wit and self-deprecating humour, and he could easily add your crowd to the list of those who he has impressed.

But if you already have a particular entertainer in mind to host your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices. As the country’s premiere corporate talent agency, we’ve created long-lasting relationships with entertainers across North America. After over 40 years in the business, we’ve amassed an extensive roster of entertainers who have the gift of gab.

However you want to call them – emcee or M.C. – we’ve got one that’s perfect for your event. So don’t rely on a stiff and wooden manager trying their hand (and failing) at hosting. Avoid boring the audience to tears and embarrassing the CEO. Find the host with the most by giving us a call and booking an expert emcee.


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