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Aboriginal Comedians Bring Big Laughs To Events

aboriginal_comedianAboriginal Comedians Know How To Get Big Laughs On Areas That May Appear To Be Uncomfortable

If you have ever watched an aboriginal comedy television show or watched a live Aboriginal comedian performance, then you know the hilarious Native sense of humour. Although discussions of such topics as race, aboriginal history, and aboriginal marginalisation may appear to be areas that would make some feel uncomfortable, Aboriginal comedians can address these topics in a way that is funny and comfortable for audiences. Aboriginal comedians can, in a light hearted way, point out differences between aboriginal people and non Aboriginal people, as well as make people laugh when discussing more general topics such as family, politics, relationships, and more. Here are some hilarious Aboriginal comedians who might be the right fit for your event:

Gerry ‘The Big Bear’ Barrett is an award winning Aboriginal stand-up comedian, and actor. Gerry Barrett is an Ojibway and grew up on the Saugeen First Nations in Ontario. The Big Bear is known for his biting political satire, pop culture references, skits and live music.Gerry has toured his all-aboriginal themed stand-up comedy show and tribute to Elvis to corporate events and festivals across North America. On stage, Gerry delivers big laughs with his outrageous look at being Native Canadian. As one of Canada’s favorite Aboriginal stand-up comedians, Gerry has shared the stage with some of the funniest people on the planet

Craig Lauzon is one of Canada’s top character performers. He is a Canadian actor, writer, comedian, and member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Craig Lauzon is of Ojibwa descent. His characterizations have been described as “great Canadian comedy, quick and snarky with surreal moments of brilliance!” (John Doyle, The Globe and Mail). Lauzon has spoofed famous Canadians on Royal Canadian Air Farce keep audiences in hysterics across the country. Craig brings the same energy and humour to the platform. As an MC, after-dinner act or humourous speaker, Lauzon offers a unique, rib-tickling view of our most high-profile Canadians.

Howie Miller has been hailed as one of the funniest Native American comedians and actors on television today. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Howie is a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation. He is one of the funniest corporate and club comedians in North America. Howie’s quick wit and unique point of view on multi ethnic stereotypes has garnered numerous television appearances and placed him in great demand on the corporate circuit.

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