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Aboriginal comedians offer a comedic take on ethnic diversity


In recent years, the number of Aboriginal Comedians performing at mainstream comedy venues has grown by leaps and bounds. The reason why aboriginal comedians are in big demand – they are so darn funny. Aboriginal comedians are now being hired to perform at comedy festivals, christmas parties, corporate events, conferences, conventions, casinos, charity fundraisers, and so much more.

Aboriginal comedians come from all walks of life and each comedian has his or her own story to tell and offers a hilarious, unique perspective on life. Aboriginal comedians offer a comedic perspective on cultural differences in a way that is not just hilarious but comfortable for all audiences. For a professional aboriginal comedian, no subject is off limits, whether it is aboriginal culture, Canadian culture, relationships, politics, pop culture, daily experiences, and much more. Audiences are guaranteed to laugh as aboriginal comedians deliver hilarious commentary, resulting in a memorable experience for everyone.

The Aboriginal comedians offered at Corporate Entertainers deliver the best and funniest performances. Howie Miller, a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation, has been hailed as one of the funniest Native American comedians and actors on television today, visit Howie’s stand-up routine includes entertaining stories about his son’s overnight success as one of the most-watched young actors in front of the camera today. Howie has a unique perspective on “the relationship” between Aboriginals and non Aboriginals and it’s a theme he often explores in his comedy. A comedian like Howie Miller will definitely add laughter and fun to any event.

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