We’ve been booking stand up comics and other entertainers for many decades. Since 1972, we have been providing insight, support and unmatched access to world-class entertainers to event planners, organizations and associations across North America. Our team’s reputation is built on delivering results and solutions that meet just about any event planning need. Our passion for excellence drives us and what we do on a daily basis. We take pride in the fact that we’ve connected exceptional talent and entertainment with thousands of organizations that share that same vision of success.

Getting the Edge

The people and organizations we work with every day inspire our team at Corporate Entertainers. Our goal is simple: Connect the right entertainment to the right audience at the right budget so your event can be successful. Together, we will review your goals and needs in detail. This lets our team get to know your event inside and out. We always take the time to understand exactly what you need because we know each event and organization is unique. By working side-by-side, we help you every step of the way. From the smallest details during the planning process to ensuring the big day goes off without a hitch. Our partnership delivers results.

Finding the right entertainer can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But you should never feel this way. Our expertise, experience, objective advice, personal support and customer service, will help you find the perfect entertainer by giving you the information and insight you need to make the best decision possible.

By getting to know your needs, goals and listening to your ideas, we can effectively match the perfect entertainer to your event. We know all too well that the wrong entertainer for the wrong audience is a recipe for disaster. We’re your safety net. We make sure you choose the entertainer that is aligned with your goals and your budget.

A Corporate Entertainer Solution for Any Event

We believe that the right entertainment can make an event unforgettable. Entertainment should never be an afterthought. It has an impact on your audience’s engagement, experience and willingness to participate. Ultimately, it helps you drive results.

That’s why we created a business structure that provides an easy, one-stop source for amazing entertainers that are at the height of their professional careers and rivaled by only the best, world-class entertainers.

Whether you are looking for entertainment for a corporate, association or social event, we have the perfect fit. We provide you with the right insight, guidance and unmatched access to the best entertainers, celebrities, musicians, sports personalities and many more. It doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in, what your goals are, or your specific criteria, you can be confident in the fact that we deliver greatness.

Over the past several decades, our team at Corporate Entertainers has spent countless hours building strong relationships with the entertainers we work with. This ensures that you get the right talent at the right price for the right event.

By partnering with Corporate Entertainers, you will have unprecedented access to a variety of entertainers for any event.

Whatever event you are planning, we can help with a solution to suit most realistic budgets. Whether you are searching for a comedian, musician, motivational speaker, or sports personality, let the Corporate Entertainers team become your partner. Call us today and let us help you find the best entertainment that will make your event a success.

The Difference

Sure, you could do it yourself, search the Internet and wade through the thousands of entertainers online. There are tons of options at your fingertips. Instead of spending days and weeks searching, sending emails and hoping you’re making the right decision, we take care of it all.

Our team offers unbiased advice and insight – something you won’t receive working direct with potential entertainers. If something happens and you find yourself without an entertainer ahead of your big event, we’ll be there to make sure there is a suitable replacement on hand.

We take the guesswork out of the equation. It’s time for you to take advantage of our knowledge!

Planning an Event?

If you are planning an event we can assist with selecting the right talent and can also arrange all the production requirements. Let us do the legwork for you!

Our convenient roster lets you search by name, topic, budget or geographic location. Start by putting together your shortlist of potential entertainers that meet your individual needs. This is the first step to finding the perfect entertainer for your event.


If you have any questions or are looking for advice, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always willing to help. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-693-6665