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Aisha Alfa Brings The Big Laughs To Corporate Events

Get To Know Comedian Aisha Alfa, And Get Ready To Laugh!

Do you have a convention, college or university, community or charity event that needs an exciting, dynamic, and contemporary performer? Have a youthful, optimistic, and socially conscious crowd that would really connect with someone who brings levity, energy, and positivity to the stage? If you’re looking someone who matches all of the above, and for someone who’s able to combine worldly yet light-hearted comedy with some motivational, inspiring stories, then look no further than Aisha Alfa!

Originally hailing from Nigeria, Aisha found her first comedic success in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today she’s one of Toronto’s most highly sought after comedians and public speakers. While in Winnipeg, Aisha very quickly nabbed the city’s “Funniest Person with a Day Job” award, came close to becoming the country’s Next Top Comic, was a finalist for the Future Leaders of Manitoba Award, and received a prestigious nomination for a Woman of Distinction Award. Even when she’s living outside the province, Winnipeg still loves her; Aisha routinely hosts Winnipeg improv, fringe, folk, and comedy festivals, and was a TEDx Manitoba speaker and host. Though she calls Toronto home, she even won Winnipeg’s “Favourite Person Abroad” award — long-lasting testimony of her impact on the city and culture!

All great Toronto comedians now agree that Aisha is one their best imports. From hosting Canada Day festivities at Queen’s Park to performing at comedy clubs around the city (and North America, for that matter), or from becoming a finalist at Toronto’s Comedy Brawl to appearing on popular, youth-centric television shows (including MTV Canada, MuchMusic’s “Video on Trial,” Shaw TV’s “Week Thus Far,” and as teacher Ms. Grell on the quintessentially Canadian TV dynasty Degrassi: The Next Generation), Aisha keeps cropping up in all the right places.

So why Aisha Alfa be the perfect featured performer, MC, or inspirational speaker at your upcoming event? For starters, she’s a recognizable, young, and hip talent who’s able to captivate a wide range of audiences and crowds; her experience with hosting major fundraisers, cracking jokes in small clubs, acting for the small screen, and emoting for thousands of viewers gives her the necessary range to tackle any event space or theme. Another reason that makes her a perfect fit for corporate or institutional events is her message of positivity: she believes in getting the most enjoyment out of life you can, owning and embracing all aspects of your personhood, and celebrating all things authentic and true to heart (a great message for any team, charity, or department to get behind). Furthermore, Aisha’s able to meaningfully weave observational humour and a keen eye to what’s buzzing in contemporary culture with her own experiences growing up bi-racial in the prairies. For any team that faces, or has faced, similar adversities—or has a staff of various cultural backgrounds—these might be the most relatable, truest anecdotes of the evening.

If you’re ready to book Aisha—or to get the conversation started on any number of our comedians, speakers, and performers—simply reach out today! One email or phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling on booking an unforgettable corporate event. We’re here to help you find the most crowd-pleasing match for any event, so don’t delay!



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