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Ask These Two Questions When Booking Corporate Entertainment

Entertaining a large crowd is really an art. The entertainers we work with have mastered it. A successful event is all about finding a talented entertainer who can add their own unique flavor, while helping you reach your goals. But with so many choices available, how do you select the perfect fit? Our team sat down and came up with two questions that every event planner should start with.

What Role Are You Trying to Fill?
Think about this for a moment because this question can really affect who your ideal candidate should be. Are you looking for an entertainer to be the focal point of your event, to speak often and to the entire audience, and to convey a consistent message throughout? We would suggest that you look for an MC that is charismatic, aligned with your audience’s expectations and will fit with your corporate values. You might want to partner with an experienced satirist like Bob Robertson or the always hilarious Brent Butt.

Or are you looking for an entertainer to add something unique to your event? Are you looking to create an unforgettable experience for you guests? If you’ve answered yes to either of these, a comedy act may be the best choice to meet those goals. Impersonators like Clark Robertson, comedic magicians like Perry James, or hypnotists like Attila can add big value. Keep in mind, these entertainers are there for one reason: to entertain!

Are Your Trying to Walk the Line or Cross it?
This is a BIG question. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What are their expectations for an entertainer? Be sure to keep in mind that they might have differing expectations.

If your audience is older, more conservative, or a very diverse group, we often recommend sticking to a crowd-pleaser that will connect with the entire spectrum.

If you’re hosting a younger, more open-minded group, then you have a bit more leniency when choosing your entertainer. Whether you’re searching for cultural humour with a side of political satire or racy jokes that will get the audience on the edge of their seat, our roster has an edgy act that can help you stir the pot.

Making the Big Decision
Whether you’re looking for an clean MC or an edgy comedy act, take a moment to explore our roster. Or contact us directly and we can discuss your particular needs in more detail. Our team is ready to help make sure you select the entertainer that is perfect for your event.

In the end, it’s crucial that you select an entertainer that aligns with the purpose of your function, expectations of your audience and your goals. It seems daunting… we know. But don’t stress. Rely on our advice and we’ll steer you in the right direction!


clark_robertsoncomedianClark Robertson is a stand-up comedian; an impersonator, an imposter; a celebrity look-alike, and … he can juggle. With his eclectic array of props and razor-sharp comedic timing, Clark is a virtual one-man variety show. In 25 years of performing, Clark has polished his act to a high level of professionalism, delighting audiences at conventions, corporate events and trade shows. He can also customize his show with original material for any audience or corporate theme.

If you have any questions about hiring a corporate entertainer or are looking for some helpful event planning advice, we would be more than happy to hear from you!

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