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Book A Comedian To Help Make Your ‘Product Launch’ A Memorable Success


If your company has a product launch date approaching, consider dazzling your audience with a presentation by a comedian. A humorous approach is ideal for adding fun and excitement to a product launch. A comedian can help to create a powerful and memorable branding experience. A comedian with experience working a product launch knows the importance of researching and studying the company, brand, and product or service being launched in order to enhance the message with a unique presentation containing all the key catch phrases. These comedians know how to create the ideal entertainment to match a product’s brand.

Comedians with product launch credentials are experienced at promoting a product or service, and can even work as an Emcee. With a comedian, you get the benefit of great product launch with a laugh. These comedians use relevant, clean, original humour to engage the audience, reveal the product, and deliver a company’s message. There are different types of comedians who would be an asset at a product launch. For instance, a magic comedian can tailor a show to suit the product and brand. You could even get the magician to have your product appear/disappear or even float. The key is to hire a comedian with lots of experience working product launches.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have a variety of comedians with experience working product launches for different companies. Clark Robertson is a great act to provide quality entertainment at your product launch. For more information on our roster of Calgary comedians please visit:

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