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Book Canadian Commentary Legend Ron MacLean For Your Event

ron_macleanYou’re Sure To Score A Winning Event With Ron MacLean

If you’re like most Canadian sports fans, you’ve likely spent countless Saturday nights tuning in to that oh-so-Canadian institution, Hockey Night in Canada — and for the colourful, insightful, and often downright absurd “Coach’s Corner” segments. If so, then you’ve likely spent a good deal of time with Don Cherry’s right-hand-man (and often straight-faced foil, translator, and filter) Ron MacLean. But even non-hockey fans now know Ron for all the extensive hosting duties he’s provided for the CBC — whether for the Olympic games in Seoul, Albertville, Atlanta, Nagano, Beijing, or elsewhere, the Victoria or Commonwealth Games, or on television shows such as Battle of the Blades, Little Mosque on the Prairie, The Hour, or Hockeyville.

Ron MacLean is a Canadian broadcasting and television fixture, and a real celebrity name. This, of course, makes him a perfect choice for host, MC, or speaker for your next high profile, can’t-miss corporate event!

Years before people put Ron MacLean and Don Cherry in the same sentence, Ron was working in radio and television in his native Alberta. Not many people know that Ron got his start as a weather forecaster in Red Deer, Alberta, and Calgary Flames broadcast host on the Calgary-based CFAC. After decades in the entertainment and sports industries, Ron is now the author of an autobiography: Cornered: Hijinks, Highlights, Late Nights and Insights, giving testament to his rich and storied experience working behind and in front of the camera. His many public appearances make him a natural on stage in bright lights — a smooth, confident, always witty and charming speaker who’s comfortable before crowds of any size and able to size up and assess exactly what a room is looking for.

As a keynote speaker, host, or MC, Ron adds a certain celebrity cache to any event. His familiar voice will immediately put your guests at ease and remind them of great memories watching Canadian athletes compete in the Olympic games or watching their beloved hockey clubs battling through the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the CBC. With so many years meeting new people, working in stressful situations, and traveling the globe for his correspondence duties, Ron’s also a natural ‘people person’ who brings a warm, friendly, and enthusiastic energy to each introduction. It’s also easy to forget that Ron’s a very funny guy, with a great sense of storytelling rhythm and technique to really sell a punch line and deliver a surprising amount of laughs. Just think back to all those very dry, straight-faced times he’d poke fun at the often apoplectic Don Cherry: the zany humour of “Coach’s Corner” would never work without Ron’s reliable work as ‘the straight man’ to Don’s bluster.

If you’ve got an upcoming charity event, trade show, convention, or other form of special occasion that would truly benefit from having a recognizable name as host, speaker, or MC, then remember that we can help you book Ron today! We’re your one-stop shop and excellent connection to some of the finest Canadian speakers and comedians working in the industry. For celebrity entertainment, always remember the name Corporate Entertainers!

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