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Book Media & Political Satirist Bob Robertson for Your Event

bob_robertson_comedyBob Robertson’s Ready to be Your After-Dinner Entertainment

Actor, producer, journalist, and comedian, Bob Robertson is one of our many Vancouver-based comedians who can ensure your upcoming meeting, workshop, celebration, or keynote is entertaining – and politically relevant – from beginning to end. When an evening of fun is on the docket, schedule Bob to make an appearance at your special event. As a veteran of theatre, radio, and television, he’s uniquely skilled to connect with diverse audiences and bring them together with clever political satire.

For nearly 3 decades, Bob has delighted audiences all over the country. Getting his start on the CBC Radio series, Double Exposure, he, with Linda Cullen, was a voice listened to by over 300,000 listeners each week for its 10 year run. The show, which was nominated for the Best Comedy Program at the Actra Radio Awards, satirized the political landscape of Canada during the 80s and 90s with comedic sketches, witty monologues, and impersonations of popular politicians and figureheads. Its success took him to theatres all over the country, including Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre and the capital’s National Arts Centre.

As an unmitigated success, Double Exposure was first picked up by the CBC for an annual New Year’s Even television special before CTV contracted them to produce a weekly comedy show mocking the political and celebrity figures of the day. Running for 3 years, it was nominated for several Gemini Awards and won the Gold Camera Award at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival. To this day, Bob and Linda continue to host special editions of Double Exposure on radio and podcasts when he isn’t busy travelling the world as a successful corporate speaker.

No stranger to the stage, Bob is an absolute delight to watch as he confidently delivers joke after joke with expert timing. His composure under the bright lights and razor sharp wit before crowds make him a consummate entertainer in terms of clever banter, intelligent commentary, and perceptive impersonations of all of your favourite political figures. A typical set will include lampooning Canada’s most well-known news makers, including much loved politicians, CEOs, celebrities, and sport stars. Taking inspiration straight from the morning’s headlines, all of his stories and witticisms are as fresh and relevant as they can get.

As a political satirist with nearly 3 decades of experience delighting Canadians with his unique and hilarious point of view, Bob would be the perfect after-dinner addition for those who work within the public sector. His razor-sharp wit and spot-on impressions underline the absurdities of working for the government, but, as a natural story-teller, his comedic sendup can strike a chord with anyone – young and old. With an astute eye for bizarre news, he’s an excellent choice for any number of private parties, meetings, trade shows, or conventions, regardless of your industry.

If you’d like to see Bob Robertson at your next event, get in touch with us! Whether you work in the public sector or something else entirely, Bob would be a hilarious addition to your special occasion. With a simple phone call or online request, we can connect you with Bob, so you can plan the perfect evening of political satire.


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