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Book Steve Brinder, One of Canada’s Top Stand-Up Comedians

steve_brinderWatch Out for Steve Brinder’s Razor Sharp Wit

Conventions, conferences, and meetings run the risk of being unbearably trite and dull. Unfortunately, if yours is planned without a dynamic entertainer, the danger of boring your audience to tears is all too real. To avoid such a fate, you need a vibrant, hysterical stand-up comedian like Steve Brinder. Known as one of Canada’s funniest (and nicest) comics, Steve can breathe life into a dreary event and ensure the only tears your audience will be wiping away are from laughter.

Steve Brinder is the only comic on our roster who moonlights as an educator. Not because he has to but because he wants to. He finds his work as a supply teacher to be fulfilling in ways that comedy isn’t, and, to be perfectly honest, it’s a wellspring of material for his stand-up. Combining his passion for education and his love for performing, Steve creates a unique brand of comedy that’s downright hilarious. Pairing his everyday experiences as a substitute teacher with wry social commentary, Steve hits all of the right notes to get your audience laughing.

His clever perspective on the teaching makes him the obvious choice for those in the education system. His razor-sharp wit highlights the absurdities of working with children, particularly as a supply teacher. A natural story-teller, his personal anecdotes strike a chord for those who work in education. He tells it like it is, giving teachers the ability to laugh about the challenges of being in the classroom while validating the work that they do to shape young minds.

Educators aren’t the only ones who will be left gasping for air between laughs. Steve is an incredibly versatile performer, whose natural magnetism and genuine heart appeals to diverse crowds. He touches on universal truths in a surprisingly uplifting way, blending inspiring life lessons with his down-to-earth comedy. Whatever your industry or specialization, Steve’s impeccable timing and devastating wit is a perfect addition to your special event.

Energetic, witty, and astute, Steve is a delight to watch on the stage and the screen. Starring in specials like CBC’s Comics! and A&E’s Evening at the Improv, hosting such celebrated TV shows as Cityline and Breakfast Television, and with other appearances at the renowned Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals, Steve is no stranger to the bright lights and big pressure of the entertainment industry. He’s got the confidence, the composure, and the funny bone necessary to delight large audiences. He’s worked with other great comedians like Howie Mandel, Jim Carrey, and Jay Leno. And his work with CBC radios Not Necessarily the Opera and Madly Off in All Direction has made him a consummate professional in terms of timing, witty repartee, and intelligent commentary.

If you, like the York Region Elementary Teachers or the NBTA Elementary Council, wish to secure Steve for your upcoming educational conference or general celebration, give us a call! Whether you work in education or something else entirely, we’re happy to speak to Steve on your behalf. We’re your number one connection for the nation’s top comedians, so for hilarious celebrity entertainment, remember our number!

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