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Born & Raised Islander, Patrick Ledwell, is Ready to Impress

ledwell_patrickPatrick Ledwell Gets Big Laughs with Small Island Humour

It’s safe to say that Patrick Ledwell is the only one of our performers who travels from a small hobby farm in PEI. It’s with equal certainty that we can say that, should he fly out from the Island for your upcoming event, you’re guaranteed an evening of hilarity. With clean, smart comedy that’s perfect for any occasion, Patrick is a fantastic choice

You can take the boy out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the boy. You’ve probably heard that one before, but it’s true when you’re talking about Patrick. Born and raised in PEI, the ways of the Island informs everything that he does. His experiences growing up on the Island and the challenges of staying true to his roots after spending time away provide fodder for his material. As does his short teaching career, during which he put his degrees in literature and technology to use at Georgia Tech New Media Education Center. There he delivered practical training sessions for corporate clients.

No stranger to long presentations and unusual email threads himself, Patrick can sympathize with those attempting communication in a corporate setting. It’s not just empathy that he shares. Patrick creates a highly personalized performance for every one of his clients by listening to your needs and wants. In creating a thoughtful customized show, he’s able to alter his performance style to suit your needs. From PowerPoint-based inspirational engagements to prop-less stand-up comedy to a comedic review on parliamentary matters, Patrick is willing and able to get your audience laughing by any means necessary.

Known to be quick and witty, Patrick delivers on smart comedy that has a firm foundation in storytelling that’s sure to impress a corporate crowd. His colourful and energetic show has been described as, “If Stephen Leacock and Woody Allen had a baby”. During his shows he considers the changing trends in technology, careers, and relationships. Past clients have raved about his performances, with many of them saying he was the crowd favourite and best entertainer in years. The only complaint you’ll read about is how everyone left the show with their cheeks and stomachs in pain from laughing so much.

When he’s not leaving corporate crowds in stitches, Patrick is busy as a writer, actor, and radio-personality. He’s received national recognition from his work with CBC Radio’s “The Debaters”, which is how Steve Patterson has come to call him “one of the funniest people in Canada”. His first book, “I Am an Islander”, in which he explores to a greater degree his life from PEI, is set to become a national best seller, with over 300,000 copies sold.

Clearly, success comes to Patrick naturally, and he’ll effortlessly make your event the highlight of everyone’s calendars. If you’re ready to receive all of the emails thanking you for booking Patrick, get in touch with one of our agents. They’re available by phone or email to make sure Patrick can leave his hobby farm in time for your occasion.

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