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Bring Out the Ladies With Funny Female Comedians

funny_female_comediansWhy A Ladies Night Is A Great Fundraiser Event

It can be a challenge coming up with fundraising ideas that will appeal to the public. One effective way to attract interest and attendance is to host a fundraiser that targets a particular group. A ladies night out is always attractive to women. Getting a break from work stress and family responsibilities to hangout and have some laughs with other women is a great way to relax, relieve stress, and enjoy the company of friends.

One ladies night fundraiser idea is to hold a comedy night fundraiser with awesome female comedians performing. There are many terrific female comedians available for ladies night events. These witty, hilarious comedians will have everyone roaring with laughter.

Comedian Erica Sigurdson has charmed and joked her way into the top of the Canadian comedy world. Her charm, wit and hilarious stand-up comedy have won her fans across North America as well as the respect of her peers. Described as a sugar-coated razor blade, Erica is a dominating force in the Canadian Stand-up Comedy scene. She has a darkness to her sense of humour that she tempers with a little smirk.

Cory Mack is a comedian and writer who has been performing for more than 22years. Cory is a clean, funny comedian and storyteller with a unique brand of prairie sass. Her demure disposition is a smokescreen for her humour that’s replete with sharp one-liners that go for the jugular.

Debra DiGiovanni is a popular Italian/Canadian stand-up comedian. Debra’s comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful, happy air. Her persona is one of the best developed of any comic working today. And couple that with a hilarious act that is so personal everyone can relate – and you see why Debra is so popular. Debra leaves audiences in stitches and always wanting more.

If you are planing a ladies night fundraiser, why not hire a female entertain your guests? We specialize in the very best female comedians for any type of event. We invite you to check out our roster of female comedians and contact us today for a consultation.

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