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tyzenLet Tyzen Enchant Your Audience

A Las Vegas hypnotist can bring wonder and magic to your event. He’ll mystify your audience and leave you wondering, “But how did he do it?” for days to come. Hypnotism is one of the hardest tricks in the magician’s trade, but it’s the real deal: no plants necessary. The most talented hypnotists go well beyond the stage; many put their powers to good, such as hypnotherapy. Thousands use this method to quit smoking, shed pounds, and improve their self-confidence. Put quite simply, there are no better crowd pleasers. But when you need to book a hypnotist, why not shake things up a bit?

Traveling from Las Vegas, Tyzen is one of North America’s premier hypnotists with an innovative and hilarious show. Blending comedy with magic, he’s turned hypnotism into a rock show. He loves his audience and he bases his show around engaging with his volunteers. The volunteers are a crucial part of the act and he shines the spotlight on them. He’s known for making his volunteers fall in love, act like a dog, dance on stage – all until he snaps his fingers! Among his unique talents is group hypnotism: he can confound volunteers by the dozen.

Skeptics be warned: hypnotism is not what it seems in cartoons. In fact, it’s a trance-like state of consciousness involving hyper-focused concentration, similar to how it feels to become completely absorbed in a great book or movie. The practice eases muscle tension in the brain, relaxing those parts that are non-essential (you know, the parts that keep your organs pumping, creating a heightened focus. Scientists suggest that while not everyone is susceptible to hypnotism, children whose parents often read them stories and who daydreamed a lot tend to be easier to put in a trance.

But the thing that makes Tyzen’s show truly unique is his comedic style. With a second background in improv stand up comedy, it’s not just rabbits he keeps up his sleeve. He’s a quick wit and even a talented impersonator (his Doctor Evil from Austin Powers is on point). He’ll have your audience in stitches while his volunteers follow his every word.

Tyzen excelled as a magician from an early age, and he’s been a professional performer for over 20 years. Inspired at a young age by the magic of legend David Copperfield, he set out on the path of becoming a world class magician, learning the tricks of the trade. He found success early on, winning the Junior Grand Championship Award of Magic Week in 1989. His comedy styles made him a perfect fit for the stages of exhibitions, casinos, night clubs, fairs, colleges, and corporate events. Since then, his calendar has been packed by audiences craving his signature “Hypnosis that Rocks” show. Corporate Entertainers can help you book this Rock wizard for your own event; just give us a call. You’ll be amazed at his powers and out of breath with laughter. Based in Las Vegas, he travels across North America to wow audiences and astonish fans.

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