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Celebrate a Successful End to Q2 with a Talented Show Band

abba_tributesReward Your Team with a Fun Dance Party

Work hard, play hard – you’ve heard the age-old motto before, and now that you and your team have hit Q2 out of the park, you can finally put it into practice. Before you set your sights on the next goal and get right back to work, spend some time celebrating your current achievements by giving back to the people who helped you get where you are today: your employees!

Taking a break to recognize the efforts behind reaching your Q2 goals works in your favour. For one, it’s a great method of strengthening the cohesion of your team. When everyone in the office comes together for a night off far from the setting of the office, it helps to break down barriers between colleagues and management alike. For another, it demonstrates to your employees that their hard work isn’t just noticed but it’s appreciated. Lastly, after so long working under a concentrated focus a celebration is a great way to burn off the stress of keeping up with such harsh deadlines.

Going from one target to the next without some down time can be detrimental to the team dynamic. When it’s all work and no play, the pressure skyrockets and committed individuals can find themselves flagging. They can end up working on fumes as a result, and they’ll find it hard to match their successes from the first part of the year. It can be damaging enough to upset the cohesion of the team, as people struggle to communicate and collaborate through their fatigue.

What better way to let your hair down and acknowledge all of their hard work than by scheduling a fun-filled evening full of great music? With North America’s best show bands and tribute acts as your soundtrack, you can celebrate your successes the right way – by getting out on the dance floor and air guitaring with the best of them. We have a variety of musical acts that can get even the shyest member on your team tapping their toes.

Take, for example, The Timebenders. As a 6-piece tribute band that covers all of the top hits from the 60s onwards, their musical repertoire strikes a chord with people of all ages. Young and old will recognize the biggest songs from the last 5 decades. But that’s not all, The Timebenders put on a visual spectacle full of on-stage antics and hilarious tricks to complement each tune they crank out.

March Hare is another musical tribute group that can take you on a journey through musical genres. Their fast-paced show samples the best songs of the last 60 years, including the hits of Motown, 80s new wave, and today’s top Billboard’s hits. Complete with costume changes and witty on-stage banter, March Hare recreates everyone’s favourite artists, from Ray Charles to Katy Perry.

For those who know what they like, ABBA Again provides less variety for a dedicated evening of music from the Swedish super group. Complete with authentic costumes and choreographed dance routines, it’s as if Agnetha, Frida, Benny, and Bjorn are at your event, guiding your team through their most well-known hits, like ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘S.O.S.’, and of course ‘Dancing Queen’.

Whether you choose The Timebenders, March Hare, or ABBA Again, know one thing: when you book a musical tribute act through our offices, you’re guaranteed a night of great music, smooth moves, and a lot of laughter. When you’re ready to put your dancing shoes on to celebrate the huge successes of the year so far, give us a call. We can help you choose the group that can provide the best soundtrack to your mid-year celebration.

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