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matt_disero_comedianVeteran variety comedian Matt DiSero shares his insights on hiring comedians

If you’re thinking about hiring entertainment for your corporate event the idea often put forward is “Comedian”. There are many different types of Comedians, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task here’s some things to consider that might make your decision easier.

Hire a comedian with corporate performance experience. Being funny on TV or in a comedy club isn’t the same as being funny for a conference audience. You wouldn’t hire a residential electrician to wire your industrial building. In much the same way, every performance environment requires specialization. Making people laugh in a conference setting is a unique skill and experience counts. Hiring an act with lots of conference and convention experience will yield better results than selecting someone who you may have seen on TV.  What you will laugh at in your living room or at a bar is not what you’ll laugh at as a group with your colleagues. Make sure the entertainer is venue appropriate

– Consider interactive variety comedy. Often the reason straight stand up comedians who talk at a microphone do not go over well is the audience has a hard time relating to what that act is talking about. Interactive entertainment such as a Comedy Magician allows the comedy to happen in real time, involving your whole group and makes THEM the stars of the show. The magic is visual and plays to any size group, and it also insures the comedy is clean and corporate friendly.

Once you’ve booked the entertainment the secret key to its success is having the show start immediately after dinner and before any awards or speeches. Always start the show once meal service is finished and tables are cleared. You can’t laugh with your mouth full of food, and comedy demands focus and attention. Bussing tables and pouring of drinks distracts from the entertainment. Waiting just a few minutes until those tables are cleared can significantly make the show better. You want your audience to be happy from dinner and a glass of wine when the show starts. A group can become mentally exhausted after watching an awards program. Having the show after awards or speeches makes it very difficult for the entertainer to reconvene the group mentally. Many will want a break for cigarettes or washrooms. Its best to have that break after the performance and then let awards and speeches begin. Once again, let your award winner’s and presenters end the night so they can shine.

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