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Comedian Impressionists Are An Event Planners Dream Come True

steve_ivingsA comedian impressionist is a comedy act who specializes in performing impressions. These hilarious impressionists will perform a range of impressions, particularly of celebrities, political personalities, sports personalities, and music celebrities. They bring the sounds and sights of popular personalities in a hilarious act. You and your guests will be amazed by a comedian impressionist’s uncanny ability to perform celebrity impressions.

A comedian impressionist normally develops a repertoire of celebrity impressions, and adds more celebrity personalities to keep up with current events. Comedian impressionists have mastered multiple celebrity voices, mannerisms, and catch-phrases, and they perform them all in one awesome show. If you close your eyes, you will think you were in the room with the real celebrity. For a corporate or business event in need of awesome entertainment that provides laughter and fun, a clean comedian impressionist is the perfect solution.

At Corporate Entertainers, you can hire some of the best comedian impressionists available. Steve Ivings is an Impressionist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Recording Artist. Whether it is Jack Nicholson describing his first date, Jimmy Stewart giving diet tips, Sean Connery expressing his love for the Scottish sport of curling – it’s all part of the fun when Steve Ivings unleashes his repertoire of over one hundred celebrity impressions onstage.Television personalities, politicians, movie stars, everybody’s a target for Steve’s quick wit and bang-on impressions. And the results are hilarious. Steve’s long list of celebrity impressions coupled with his topical humour have made him a popular and in-demand entertainer for conventions, cruise ships, trade shows, and annual general meetings.

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