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Comedian Impressionists Are Perfect For Event Entertainment


Comedians come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have one goal in common – to make people laugh! How these professional entertainers get audiences laughing depends on the type of comedy they perform. One type of comedian that is always a crownd pleaser is a Comedian Impressionist.

If you are looking to provide your guests with a hilarious performance that brings out an abundance of laughter and merriment, comedian impressionists are a great choice. Comedian Impressionists provide an audience with hilarious mimicry that gets everyone cracking up with laughter. These Master Mimics are funny men and women who can mimic and impersonate well-known musicians, politicians, sports personalities, and other well known personalities. The resemblance to the actual person can be quite uncanny.

As well as mimicking well-known people, we have superb comedian impressionists that combine hilarious comedy and sound impressions. A Comedy Sound Impressionist like Herb Dixon brings a 3rd dimension of totally realistic sound to his performances. Herb Dixon takes everyday life experiences and skews them into epic comedy extravaganzas.To view Herb’s hilarious video and style please visit;

If you need more ideas please visit our roster of Vancouver comedians at

Comedy Impressionists may be the perfect choice for your upcoming Corporate Event, Cocktail Reception, Christmas Party, Convention, Trade Show, Product Launch, or another event. So if you are looking for hilarious entertainment that your guests will enjoy and remember, we have professional comedian impressionists who will get the job done and ensure everyone has a great time, leaving you to enjoy a fun, stress-free event.

If you are in charge of hiring a comedian for your event and are not sure where to start please visit for tips or contact us and we can fast track the booking process.


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