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Consider These Key Points When Hiring a Hypnotist


There is a wide range of expertise and experience among Stage Hypnotists. When looking to hire a hypnotist for your special event, you want to make sure you get a professional and experienced hypnotist who is able to hypnotize quickly and entertains everyone in the audience. There are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the right Hypnotist for your event entertainment:

When considering hypnotists, you want to ensure that the the performer you ultimately book has a lot of experience performing for the type of audience that will be at your event. Closely review promotional videos that you can find online. Does the hypnotist appear to be professional, entertaining, and engaging the audience? Does the audience appear to be similar to the people who will be attending your event? Is the show a clean show that is free of offensive language and content.

When searching for a hypnotist to hire, you want a performer with the right combination of training, experience, and stage presence. Edmonton Hypnotist Sebastian Steel is one of the most sought after Hypnosis acts in Canada. For more than 20 years, Sebastian has been performing his style of stage hypnosis for all types of audiences across Canada. He promises a truly uplifting positive experience for both the audience and his volunteers, an experience which will be remembered for a long time. Along with the music and stage production, the volunteers are the true stars of the Sebastian Steel hypnotic adventure, and they are always treated with the utmost respect and care on his stage. His show is a one of a kind must see event!

When considering experience of a hypnotist, make sure the performer you hire has at least 5 years experience and make sure your read client testimonials. Very satisfied clients take the time to write a testimonial letter.  Take a look at these fantastic reference letters:

“Our event was a huge success – everyone enjoyed the entertainment. I personally will vouch for the fact that he is “very good” since I somehow managed to get hypnotized while sitting at the back of the room in the audience.  He kept his show clean and I do not feel the least bit embarrassed by anything that I did while hypnotized. It was an entertaining night!”  Evelyn

“Sebastian Steel is an excellent entertainer. We had one of the best parties ever. I laughed pretty hard through the entire show, but when I was able to manage to stop and look around, the whole room was filled with laughter and smiles. You couldn’t have asked for a better evening.  Thank You so much with providing us with such great, hassle free entertainment.”  Annette 

“Sebastian was fabulous! He sure had the crowd engaged the whole entire time. I will for sure be keeping him in mind for future events. We loved him!!”  Jennifer 

Also, take a look at the hypnotist’s previous client list. Are there organizations similar to your organization? After reviewing all of the information and videos, do you feel that everyone will have a fun time, including audience volunteers? If so, the hypnotist will likely be right for your event.

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