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Corporate Entertainers Helps You Book A Famous Comedian

Your Next Corporate Event Could Use A Familiar Face!

Staff holiday parties, fundraisers, barbecues, and meet-and-greets usually put employees at ease—there’s nothing to do but eat, drink, socialize, and have a good time. But major corporate events designed to introduce new policies, protocols, products, or to re-affirm existing strategies sometimes make employees wary. Even in a dark auditorium or glitzy ballroom, dull information sessions, droning presenters, or rambling speeches can sabotage your event, boring or putting your guests to sleep, who’ll then dread the next season’s event.

The simple solution is to invest in quality entertainment—but inexperienced event coordinators sometimes assume one comedian will always equal the next, won’t put in sufficient time to find the perfect presenter, or simply presume that any entertainment is good entertainment. Having a shoddy intermission to your important event will just make employees dread your functions even more (or will make them laugh for the wrong reasons—at rather than with the act, if you get the drift). Don’t let this happen to you! You can do better by trusting an agency to find you a familiar face!

Corporate Entertainers lets you skip the queue, costly agents, and online research and puts you in touch with some of Canada’s most popular comedians. No more last-minute arrangements, minor performers, or “friend of a friend” stand-ups for that holiday bash—wow your co-workers and employees with legitimate names and personalities. It’s easier than you think; simply head to the Corporate Entertainers website and click on their Headline Comedians link, and you’ll be able to peruse bios and performance videos from some household names.

Book comedian Mike Bullard and remind your employees of some Open Mic with Mike Bullard highlights! Bullard can deliver fantastically quick and clever impromptu routines with a laid-back, unpretentious style. He’s also adept at taking company policies or directives and sewing them into his routine, making for an informative but also memorable, relaxing, and hilarious experience. Scheduling quick-witted Carla Collins—known as a “Queen of Comedy” by Flare magazine—means you’re booking a radio, television, and movie veteran who’s sure to dazzle your staff with her razor-sharp sense of humour. As all can attest, she’s a true Canadian virtuoso. Why not go with Colin Mochrie, veteran of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, The Drew Carey Show, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes? It’s rare to have an office or boardroom of people who’ve never heard or seen Mochrie’s side-splitting routines, spur-of-the-moment genius, laconic wit, and highly physical antics. Add to these household names other stars like Brent Butt, Mark Critch, Derek Edwards, and more, and you’ve got the answer to your corporate event woes!

If you can see how having a recognizable and beloved performer can surprise, astonish, and captivate even the most jaded and hard-to-please people, take the time now to get in touch with Corporate Entertainers. They can make the process of booking a veritable celebrity for your next event smooth, painless, and exciting, especially around the holidays, when having an awesome event is even more important. No holiday or New Year’s party should go by without a special treat—like a true celebrity—for hardworking employees! So if you’ve got the budget and resources, why go to the trouble of pursuing a ‘big name’ all by yourself? Leave it to the experts, who’ll work with you to iron out all the hiccups so that you can actually look forward to the function—whether it’s Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, a non-denominational soiree, or however you like to end the year!

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