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Corporate Entertainers Makes Booking Family-Friendly Corporate Events A Breeze

michel_lauziere_comedyIt’s common knowledge that levels of comfort, trust, and productivity greatly increase when employees get a chance to socialize and get to know one another on a personal level. An amiable working environment tends to make new employees adapt more quickly and long-term employees stick around for longer. But if your office is made up of a lot of people with young children, there’s often not a lot of time for nights out, alcohol-infused staff parties, or other traditional ways employees let loose and bond.

Rather than hiring a babysitter and leaving the kids at home, why not incorporate your employees’ children in an event that welcomes the whole family? A weekend or evening event with family-friendly fun means kids get to meet new friends and playmates, adults get to talk and socialize in a more relaxed, laid-back setting, and everyone can appreciate the entertainment. Today there are a host of options for turning your next staff event into a memorable occasion for people of all ages.

Magicians and illusionists are an easy way to keep the kids mesmerized while providing quality entertainment for your staff. Award-winning and world-renowned illusionists can spellbind crowds from the stage or can move amongst a seated audience, interacting with your employees and eliciting a whole lot of laughter through crowd participation. Charismatic and accomplished Illusionists like Sean Watson, Derek Selinger, Murray Hatfield, Brian Glow, Shawn Farquhar, and Vitaly Beckman are masters of their craft; from sleight of hand tricks to disappearing volunteers, these professionals can turn a family event into the most memorable night of the year. If you’re looking for more laughs, some illusionists specialize in comedy just as much as magic—known as “magic comedians,” performers like Double Vision, Perry James, BlackSalt and Brenda Q, and Jean Boucher will leave you in stitches as they saw you in half!

If the average age of your employees’ children is a bit lower, consider hiring a more dynamic performer, who can dazzle with a more physical form of comedy and keep those young eyeballs transfixed. Performers who excel at juggling, balancing, fire eating, acrobatics, and circus-like repertoires are easier to find than you might think—acts like Bob Cates, Robin Chestnut, Flyin Bob, and Clark Robertson will astound your staff with their physical dexterity and their sharp wit. Combining vaudevillian standards with eye-popping moves, these professionals will bring something to the table for everyone. Don’t forget to consider ventriloquists, too—the time-honoured relationship between human and puppet will delight all young children and allow adults to appreciate the double entendres that sail over the kids’ heads. Check out acts such as Norma McKnight, Don Bryan, Brad Cummings, or Patrick and ‘Matilda’ to find a ventriloquist that’s right for your staff. And if you’re looking for something even more out of the ordinary, why not book the “master of unusual comedy,” Michel Lauzière? He’s a globally recognized entertainer who’s bound to pull more than a rabbit out of his hat!

Sometimes finding and booking a performer can be difficult. Luckily, we are here to provide an amazing service that provides an excellent database of working entertainers, that allows you to search by budget, location, and genre, and even takes care of the timeline, hosting, travel arrangements, and accommodations for your chosen star. To make booking your next family-friendly corporate event a breeze, contact Corporate Entertainers today to help you get your co-workers socializing and your kids having a blast—finally, together! You and your co-workers will feel closer than ever after having spent time with one another’s families!

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