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Corporate Entertainers Plays The Role Of Event Manager — Without The Salary!

Most corporate organizations (wisely) invest in hiring an events coordinator or manager; depending on the size of the organization, they even employ an entire events-organizing team. Planning trade shows, conventions, festivals, and all manner of corporate events, events managers bring a number of key skills to bear to any organization—they’re trained in accounting, catering, food and wine, and communication skills to confidently deliver sociable, lively, and air-tight functions. As a post-diploma certification, Events Management (or its equivalence) is offered by all of Canada’s leading colleges (like Humber, George Brown, Seneca, Centennial, Mohawk, Niagara, Algonquin, and so forth), and is an increasingly attractive option for students entering the corporate world or weighing their options after earning a degree.

Those in the events field can expect a decent standard of living, with Event Coordinators expecting a median of $39,079 and Event Managers receiving a median of $48,083 per annum. Of course, many companies offer much higher wages. This sounds like a great deal for recent graduates, surely, but hiring for such positions isn’t quite as feasible for smaller companies, companies with diminished resources, or those simply seeking to save money for essentials. While almost every corporation needs to organize the occasional event with enlivening and captivating entertainment, does every function require the attention of a highly trained, qualified, and salaried manager? On the other hand, isn’t it unfair for an employee without specific training to be saddled with the details of each event, including booking and dealing with agents and acts?

If this tough ‘in-between’ spot sounds like your situation, you’ll be happy to know that there’s help! Corporate Entertainers makes strategizing, planning, organizing, booking, and executing a flawless and memorable event easy, and without the need of a dedicated specialist with industry expertise or substantial experience in the field. If you’ve got an important upcoming gala, ceremony, information session, keynote, demonstration, seminar, or whatever, you might be feeling stressed about what kind of act would be perfect for your audience. Corporate Entertainers will walk you through a careful process of determining what topics, themes, and subject matter will be appropriate. They’ll ask you about branding and values and resonant themes. Once they get a firm idea of the type of event you’re throwing and whom you’re holding it for, they can then narrow down the field of entertainers dramatically, helping you choose a comedian, musician, magician, or variety group from a smaller pool. Are you looking for political, sports, or physical comedy? Need an impersonator, MC, improvisational, or particular ethnic-themed comedian? They’ll help you narrow the field even further by budget, availability, location, and more!

Budgets are always tight around the holidays, and the pressure is on to organize a hit holiday party that features some stellar entertainment. If there isn’t an events coordinator or manager in your company, or you’ve been charged with whipping together a memorable party or event, you might end up booking the first act that’s recommended or suggested in your haste to get things locked down. Nobody wants to drop the ball when it comes to holiday and New Year’s celebrations! So rather than pine for a dedicated events expert or have another employee scramble to put together an event in addition to regular tasks, contact Corporate Entertainers, who’ll save you the time and worries and help you become the new office hero!

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