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Corporate-Friendly Humour Must Be Clean Humour

dont_mind_us_comedyThere are a lot of companies that add humour to their corporate events to give people a break from the tedious aspects of business such as sales targets, strategies for growth, marketing strategies, etc. Hiring a comedian is an ideal way to entertain the corporate audience. However, not just any comedian is suited for the professional audience. The best choice for the corporate audience is the corporate comedian.

Corporate comedians understand the corporate audience, tailoring their act to the specific audience. As a clean comedian, the corporate comedian will do the research before the performance. This can include learning about the company as well as the top people in order to spin playful, non offensive jokes. The comedian will stay away from any bad language and material that may be controversial or offensive. What better way to get the crowd laughing and reduce stress levels than wise cracks from a clean corporate comedian.

A corporate comedian can absolutely change the tone of a business event from one that is mundane to one that is filled with cheers and laughter. It is a a great way to applaud the efforts of the employees. By designing an act that is corporate friendly, these professionals know how to add that fun element and even drive home the corporate message.

Saskatoon Comedians Don’t Mind Us is a two person clean comedy improv show based entirely on audience suggestion. Mark Schweighardt and Lee Bells are the experienced Saskatchewan corporate comedians behind the act. These two talented, professional performers have entertained countless corporate and convention audiences with their unique, tasteful and thoroughly enjoyable clean improv comedy. Audiences love Don’t Mind Us for their improvised and spontaneous comedy; their intelligent, tasteful style; and their interaction with audience members. For more information please visit Don’t Mind Us Comedy Improv.

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