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Corporate Game Show Host William James Announces New Show

Master Game Show Host William James!!!

NEW!!! Family Fewd Group Game; Everyone loves Family Fewd, but until now it has only been playable by a small number of people while the rest of the crowd watched…not any more!!!  William James developed this tribute over a 2 year period so it would involve everyone at an event no matter the size. Now every table becomes their own “Family” & every table fully plays every question!!! No more watching & waiting!!! Complete with 10 hilarious comedy segments, this game truly is an amazing interactive experience for events that want everyone to have fun!!! A traditional tribute to Family Fewd is also available.

“William James has become one of the most popular performers in the (67 year) history of the Penticton Peach Festival” quoted from The Official 2014 Peach Festival Guide, Penticton Western News.

William James has been working on and building his game show line up for over 15 years!!! He has always strived to create the most immersive games that involve every person at an event. Mixing in entertaining comedy segments & various mini games William adds laughter to each game show, making the event appeal to the widest range of audience members from teens up to seniors. William James has been a full time entertainer for nearly 20 years & knows how to entertain a crowd, entertaining for nearly 500 companies world wide and for all size of groups from tiny to well over 10,000 people in size.

When choosing the entertainment for your event the entertainer is just as important as the entertainment itself; William is very personable & has a way of creating positive energy, smiles & laughs all around him. You will really feel the energy in your room rise once William takes the stage, even the people who never get involved will be drawn in & play his game shows, afterwards commenting on how much fun they had 

It all started with Corporate Game Shows Jeparody Live and now William James Corporate Game Shows currently consists of 9 completely different game shows covering all ranges of the entertainment spectrum;

* Team building games perfect for companies focused on strong bonds
* Competitive games great for events that want to have fun yet promote friendly competition
* Party games excellent for corporate celebrations, ladies nights, graduations, Christmas party entertainment & all manners of corporate gatherings
* Social games great for events where mingling is key
* Ice breaker games where everyone may not know each other (prime for weddings & fairs)

If you have an event or a celebration William James has a selection of unique game shows perfect for you!!!

Book Now, you will be very happy you did!!!

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