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Create a Night When Magic & Comedy Collide with Perry James

Stand-Up Comedian & Mentalist Perry James Is Perfect for Your Event

For a night that demands originality, fun, and wonder, look no further than Perry James. Part stand-up comedian, part magician, Perry blends the two worlds together flawlessly in a performance you have to see to believe. With over 20 years in the business (and over 2,000 performances on his résumé), Perry is a veteran of comedy and magic. His combined experience and raw talent as a performer gives him an unparalleled ability to connect with and surprise his audiences in a show that delights and amazes.

Perry James’ work as a stand-up comedian and mentalist has established him as the country’s leading corporate entertainer. Combining traditional magic tricks with feats of mentalism, Perry crafts a mind-bending evening of spectacle and wonder. Audiences can expect to see shackle and chain escape stunts, fire tricks, and astonishing mind reading demonstrations. His shows blend together comedy and magic seamlessly, and his deft balance between the two will surprise and delight crowds. Making magic fun again, Perry uses his magnetic charm and down-to-earth humour to keep people laughing – and guessing!

A firm believer in up-close and personal attention, Perry isn’t satisfied to perform under the spotlight far away from his audiences. He brings the magic to them, moving through the crowd to get volunteers to help him with his magic. In a highly personalized show, Perry relies heavily on audience participation, preferring to create magic with his audience instead of performing for them. With the spotlight turned around, audience members might be surprised at how smooth and nimble Perry can be, performing the impossible before their very eyes!

When they aren’t left wonderstruck, his audience are left in stiches, as his lightning fast wit and high-energy antics tickle their funny bones. Known for his warm and gracious humour, Perry never targets those in his audience with nasty cheap shots. Opting for jokes that everyone can enjoy, he’s crafted his personal brand of humour around his fun, inviting, and infectious personality, so no one ever feels left out. Clean but funny, Perry keeps it appropriate and enjoyable for everyone in the audience – young, old, and in between!

The long list of past clients who have laughed and gasped along with his hilarious feats of enchantment and sleight-of-hand are a testament to his wildly original and entertaining show. With nothing but raves reviews from the diverse crowds of CUPE, CIBC, and Imperial Oil (to name just a few) Perry would be happy to add your corporation or organization to his long list of those he’s amused and mystified.

Remember, if you’re ready to inject your special event with his dynamic blend of comedy and magic, you need only to pick up the phone and give us a call. As North America’s top corporate talent agency, we have privileged access to Perry and any of the other talented performers on our roster. You need only get in touch and we’ll do all the rest. It’s just that easy to secure the best stand-up comedian magician on the continent!


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