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Current Unique Trends In Corporate Entertainment Today

michel_lauziereFor corporate event planners, finding out what is new or ‘hot’ on the corporate entertainment scene is an important part of ensuring that corporate events do not become boring and uneventful. Knowing what is unique, exciting, and entertaining ensures that the corporate entertainment booked for an event attracts attention and adds that ‘wow’ factor, which all makes for a memorable experience for attendees.

As businesses try to stay ahead of the competition and host events that stand out, more unique and unexpected entertainers are emerging as popular choices for corporate entertainment. When it comes to booking comedians, variety comedians offer highly entertaining shows that deliver more of a ‘wow’ factor. Variety comedian Michel Lauziere is a combination of inventor / acrobat / comedian / musician and juggler rolled up into one charismatic “Master of the Unusual.” Lauziere is an artist which invariably dazzles by his humor, tenderness, wit, and incredible skills. He charms and entertains audiences of all backgrounds, all ages, and all cultures. For more information on Michel Lauziere, please visit:

With growing expectations, the bar has been lifted for corporate entertainment that dazzles audiences with exciting music, costumes, and singing. ABBA AGAIN are a first class tribute to Swedish sensation based in Vancouver. Meet Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn in all their glittery glory and hear all the classics that made Abba the phenomenon they are. ABBA AGAIN offers audiences beautiful blended harmonized vocals, exciting eye-catching choreography, glittering costumes with platform shoes… and a touch of humour! Tribute Bands like ABBA AGAIN definitely add fun and excitement to a corporate event. For more information on ABBA Again, please visit:

Corporate entertainment that is unique, exciting, and capture the audience’s imagination is a big trend in corporate entertainment today. Illusionists are the ideal corporate entertainment choice. as they incorporate dazzling tricks and special effects into their shows. They amaze and astound audiences through sleight of hand and misdirection. Sean Watson is a popular Magician and Illusionist who has won great acclaim at venues such as corporate events and product launches. Sean’s flexibility allows him to easily integrate into his show the promotion of a new company product by making it “appear” in a mystical and unforgettable way. At Trade Show events, Sean has proven very effective at being able to “stop traffic” by capturing the attention of visitors, and then redirecting that attention towards the product being promoted by the Corporation he is representing. For more information on Sean Watson, please visit:

We strive to ensure that we are keeping up with the trends in corporate entertainment. No matter what type of entertainment you are looking to book for your event, we are sure to have it for you.

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