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Darrin Rose Guarantees Big Laughs At Your Corporate Event

darrin_roseNab “Ultra-Polished” Darrin Rose For Your Next Event

If you’re looking for an articulate, smooth, and genuinely hilarious comedian for your next function, you could do no wrong by picking the person GQ magazine hails as “one of the hottest comedians in Canada right now”. Comedian, actor, writer, and host of Match Game, Darrin Rose is a natural choice for your next private event.

Though he got his start doing stand-up in comedy clubs and theatres across the country, you may consider him a familiar face for all of the work he does on television. Playing Bill the bartender on CBC’s hit series, Mr. D, Darrin has graced our television sets every week for the last five years. Even before that, he was a pop culture expert on MuchMusic’s Video On Trial, delivering scathing commentary on popular music videos. When he’s not criticizing music videos or pulling imaginary pints for the titular Mr. D, he’s also host of the Comedy Network’s Match Game, where he regularly corrals a panel of celebrity comedians to match answers to fill-in-the-blank questions given to contestants.

In between his high-profile gigs, Darrin is exploring what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Critically acclaimed for his Still Chasing Manhood Tour, Darrin has travelled the better part of Canada, Europe, and the UK exploring his family’s definition of manliness – and how he hasn’t quite met it, according to his father and older brother. While he might not be a man according to their standards, he is a bone fide success with a funny, developed show that’s proven to make audiences howl.

His quick-witted and conversational tone makes it seem like Darrin’s just letting you in on a few, funny anecdotes from his life. Unforced and effortless, Darrin has perfected a laid-back and engaging style of comedy. His clever, honest, and coherent take on absurd gender expectations, his dating life, and his geeky obsession with comic books has made him very popular in the stand-up circuit. Having performed at Just for Laughs six times now, in 2014 the festival awarded him the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Performance. His other appearances include the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

As a comedian or host, you can expect Darrin to bring the highest level of professionalism, composure, and – most importantly – laughs to any event you have in mind. Presenting original, effortlessly funny material each time, Darrin’s charm and amusing perspective on life will have your guest list in stiches. His self-deprecating, magnetic, and sarcastic style will be the highpoint of your audience members’ nights, as Darrin provides an unforgettable evening of hilarity.

If Darrin sounds like a great fit for your next trade show, charity event, convention, or other special function (and with a CV like this, how could he not?), don’t delay in getting in touch with us. With access to Canada’s finest talent, we can help organizations from coast to coast (and all those places in between) get in touch with Darrin. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you book Darrin wherever and whenever you need him. Booking one of the most popular comedians is Canada is just that simple.

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