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Deliver Big Value With Today’s Hottest Event Trend

Delivering Huge Value With Today’s Top Corporate Event Trends

Are you looking for a unique way to create a memorable and outstanding event? Our team wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation. So we found the hottest trend that is delivering big value as we speak.

While there are many incredible stand-up comedians, variety acts, musical numbers, magicians and hypnotists that can deliver results, it can be difficult to find one entertainer that everyone will love. It’s a tall (nearly impossible) order for any event planner to find an act that appeals to everyone. It’s no secret; people have very diverse sets of tastes. Some might like a more relaxed atmosphere while others are looking for that edgy experience that keeps them on the edge of their chair.

The last thing you want is to book an act that isn’t the right fit for your crowd. You don’t want to alienate guests, cause people to daydream during the performance or give guests a reason not to come back. So how can you make sure your entertainment hits the mark?

It really is simple: Get them engaged!

The more people are involved and feel part of the experience, the more memorable the event will be and the more likely they’ll be left wanting more.

Today’s Hottest Trend: The Live Game Show

It’s time for something unique. Something big. Something new! This is a very unconventional approach to corporate entertainment that many won’t be expecting. Who wouldn’t love to have the chance to take part in a version of their favourite game show? Count us in!

With state-of-the-art sounds, lighting effects, scoreboards, microphones, hilarious games, categories, and prizes – mixed with unforgettable hosts – you can deliver an experience that will take audience participation to a whole new level. You might even stir up some fun competition that leads to big bragging rights!

Creating a Remarkable Experience: What You Could Deliver in 2015

William James developed a full-scale comedy game show known as Jeparody Live! that debuted to mass crowd appeal in 2001. He strives to create the most immersive games that involve every person at an event. Mixing in entertaining comedy and various experiences, he can make the event appeal to the widest range of audiences – from teens to seniors. It all started with Jeparody Live! but now William’s roster consists of 9 completely unique shows covering all ranges of the entertainment spectrum. By partnering with William, you’re sure to deliver a hit and leave attendees wanting much, much more!

Where’s the Value?

People’s tastes might be vastly different, but their expectations are eerily similar: They want to be wowed. Corporate entertainment shouldn’t be “same ‘ol same ‘ol”. Break the mold and deliver an experience that people can’t get anywhere else.

Your attendees will be in awe when they find out they’ll be the next contestant on the Wheel of Fortune or partnered with their co-workers to take on their rivals in Family Fewd. It will be the talk of the office for weeks to come!

A live game show can be easily customized to your organization’s goals, vision and culture. Contact our team directly today and we’ll make sure your event wins the grand prize!

adam_growe_quiz_showFEATURED: Adam Growe Quiz Show
Adam is one of our nation’s most recognized funny men with more than 20 years of experience. He’s headlined at Just for Laughs and Comedy Now!, was featured in Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and is the host of the Discovery Channel’s tremendously successful show, Cash Cab.

Adam also offers his own live game show that is perfect for any event. He’ll test your knowledge and make you laugh with a one-of-a-kind comedy show where your audience participates as contestants live on-stage for cash! These interactive shows can be customized to meet your specific needs and will leave your attendees smiling from ear to ear!

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