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Denis Grignon Discusses Impact Of TV’s, ‘Last Comic Standing’

Denis Grignon is a professional bilingual comedian who has been heard on SiriusXM. Grignon recently published an article on entitled, ‘Heard the one about the pro who entered a comedy contest?’ in which he talked about how TV’s Last Comic Standing changed the way comedians in Canada look at competitions like SiriusXM’s Canada’s Top Comic.

In his article, Denis Grignon offers insights from professionals in the entertainment industry such as Ben Miner, host and senior producer of SiriusXM’s Canada Laughs who says, “We’re in a golden era of Canadian comedy, And there are so many comics who need that shot . . . that break.” Grignon says, “When the satellite radio network launched its Canada’s Top Comic contest about six years ago, it featured mostly comedians relatively new to the game.” Now…”Fast forward to the Rivoli a few weeks ago for a local heat of its national contest, more than half the competitors were full-time comedians with impressive resumés and TV credits.”

In the article, the benefits for comedians who participate in comedian contests are discussed. However, Grignon says, “While Last Comic Standing opened the door for pros in this country to take the contest stage, credits and stage time don’t necessarily bring a slam dunk in any standup contest. Comics with little experience have jumped past more senior ones when the judges’ ballots were counted.” Online voting for SiriusXM’s Canada’s Top Comic opens July 22.

Denis Grignon performs comedy that’s minus the naughty words, cheap put downs and low-brow humour. A masterful MC, a disciplined writer of funny scripts, Denis knows how to enliven any event. He’s insightful enough to know what his audience wants and funny enough to deliver it. Indeed, it is Denis’s ability to research his audiences and custom write material around them that has made his comedy a hit with lawyers to landscapers, public servants to farmers.

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