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Drum Café Offers A Unique & Musical Break To Build Teamwork

drum_cafeDrum Up Team Morale With International Drumming Sensation, Drum Café

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to improve team morale during your next company function? If you want to create strong foundations for your team building, you should think outside of the box and inside of a drum! Or several, that is, for there are no spectators with Drum Café. Each and every one of your audience members will get to join in on their interactive and powerful event.

Drum Café is a group that brings the drum circle to your event, hoping to inspire your audience through the power of music. These master drummers are part motivational speaker, part musicians, and they facilitate a musical team building experience for your event. Whether your function has only a handful of attendees or thousands, they can bring a drum for everyone. Their philosophy is simple. If the members of your audience can play a beat together, they can work cohesively on any of their projects, sales, and group work.

Once everyone’s seated behind their own drum, they can say goodbye to the hierarchy of the company. Each one of your attendees will be united by one thing – that they don’t know what they’re doing! Drum Café harnesses that inexperience and turns it into a lesson. Regardless of what position individuals hold within the company, everyone can understand the universal language that is music. By grouping like-minded drummers together until they can create a pleasing rhythm, Drum Café helps audiences transcend barriers between themselves until they’re performing as a band – together!

Consider the ways Drum Café’s audience will have communicated with one another to create an enjoyable beat. The success of the music they make relies on how well they can interact, taking cues from the facilitators and their fellow drummers. Professional and personal differences will be set aside for the sake of music, which makes it great for alternative to any ice-breaker or team building exercise.

Drum Café has performed at over 25,000 events all over the world, blending a unique mixture of drumming, singing, and dancing. At each function, they shift the attitudes and expectations of their audiences. Some might say they’re the instrument of change. For those that hate puns, it’s sufficed to say they’re an excellent choice for any event.

If you’ve ever worked with our agents before, then you understand how collaboration is an important step in our process. We like to work with you, learning about your company’s goals and your function’s needs to locate the best performer possible. It’s no wonder that Drum Café, a group that inspires teamwork and unity, will have a similar approach to their workshops. They’re more than happy to brainstorm with you to create the ideal musical interlude for your event.

But before you can start collaborating on your dream workshop, you’ll have to speak with us first. We can get you in touch with these master musicians for your event. Just give us a call or send us a request form with their name in the title. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can, so you can start planning the best event possible.

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