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Drum Cafe Shares Insight On Drumming For Wellbeing


The Drum Cafe, founded by Warren Lieberman, is a world leader in team building activities and conference ideas that offers highly successful interactive drumming programs for corporate and social entertainment, as well as team building. Through Drum Cafe offering various drumming programs, the ancient art of drumming in a circle has been brought into the modern world.

In Drum Cafe’s article, ‘Drumming For Wellbeing’, author Danny Aaron discuss how the Drum represents “the heart beat, transporting you to a place of stillness and interconnectivity,” This state Danny says “offers the potential for conscious open conversation, deep listening and a natural sense of belonging to the greater whole.” He discusses how beating a drum is comparable to a heart beat which enables one to “feel a deep sense of One.” Beating rhythmically on a drum Danny explains, “shifts us from our left logical brain into our right intuitive creative brain, opening our worlds to new ways of thinking and feeling. And, Drumming gives us a chance to express our own individual rhythm.”

The Drum Cafe offers programs to help individuals express their own individual rhythm. Their team of facilitators and master drummers will facilitate interactive or performance programs at your venue of choice. Drum Cafe’s corporate interactive drumming for team-building programs are designed to align with purpose, connect, collaborate, and to engage the beat. All of their programs are a modern day gathering of diverse communities, ranging from corporate companies, educational Institutions, government and NGO’s, and private celebrations. Drum Cafe’s world-class programs – where everyone gets a drum – builds teams, unites companies, and motivates staff. For more information about The Drum Cafe, please visit:

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