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Embrace The Humour Of Everyday Life With Erica Sigurdson

ericasigurdsonErica Sigurdson Is The “Sugar-Coated Razor Blade” You Need For Your Next Event!

As a celebrated comedian, writer, and performer, Vancouver’s own Erica Sigurdson is guaranteed to inject fun into your next gala, keynote, or sales meeting. With over 10 years working the stage, television, and radio, she knows how to draw genuine belly laughs out of her audiences.  Watch a video of Erica Sigurdson.

Known as the “sugar-coated razor blade” by fans and peers alike, Sigurdson earned the title for her unique performing style. A rapier wit and sardonic views are delivered with a sweet, little smirk to soften the blow; but many of her fans know her work isn’t all sharp barbs and sarcastic observations. She effortlessly balances her dark humour with a quirky charm, making her a fun and uplifting choice for large, diverse crowds.

Your guest list will be howling over her observations on the everyday, as she comments on the stranger situations she finds herself in. Current and on-point, she’s an adaptable performer who can resonate with any crowd, easily creating a dialogue with her audience and drawing out laughs when remarking on the absurdities of being an adult in the new millennium.

Over the 10 years of her professional stand-up career, Sigurdson has collected a lot of silly and smart stories to share with her audience. Starting in the comedy clubs of Vancouver, she has since travelled across the country at a variety of popular comedy festivals. She’s performed at Canada’s prestigious Just for Laughs in Montreal, and in 2015, she earned the title of “Funniest Female Comic” at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Sigurdson is also known for her work on CBC’s radio comedy show The Debaters. With over 30 appearances, she’s a favourite of the show and its listeners. She also makes regular appearances on other popular radio shows on CBC, including The Current, Definitely Not the Opera, and Madly Off in All Directions. When she’s not performing for radio audiences, she’s busy recording television specials, like the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, Comedy Now!, the Canadian Comedy Awards, and many more. If that’s not enough, she also finds the time to visit Afghanistan to entertain the troops.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sigurdson, check out her personal website. There you can read her full resume and find out more about her skills as a comedian and speaker. As you discover her talents, you’ll realize you can do no better than Sigurdson. With past experience with the Insurance Brokers Association of BC (IBABC), Pacific Blue Cross, Regina Chamber Of Commerce, BC Foster Parents Association, and Sask Power, Sigurdson has the comedic chops and charm necessary to entertain any corporate audience. If your staff is ready to laugh between workshops and policy reminders, it’s time that you book Sigurdson for your next event. All you have to do act now to book her and we can get you set up with one of the best names in corporate entertainment.


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