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Some Helpful Suggestions as You Plan Your Event

We’ve been helping large corporations and small businesses secure great entertainment for special events all over the country since 1972. That’s 44 long years of interacting with event planners and seeing what goes on behind the curtain. We’ve seen the best in event planning – and the worst! Today, we’d like to share what we’ve gleaned from the best. Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your plan on the path towards success.

Know Your Objective

Before you can plan and put on an effective event, you need to know your objectives. This step involves more than just understanding why an event is being held. It should establish what you or the company you’re working for wants to achieve. Is the event you’re planning meant to inspire or is it an excuse for the company to cut lose? These goals will affect how the rest of your planning goes, so be sure to have corporate explain in detail the purpose behind the event.

Be Aware of the Calendar

You aren’t planning your event in a vacuum, so it’s important that you don’t act like you are. Check the calendar for important holidays, dates, and popular vacation times that you should avoid. You should also be aware of when other events could be hosted. By doing this, you’ll ensure your attendance is high.

Make Lists

As one of the most essential steps in your planning strategy, lists should be no stranger to your organizational methods. Everything that you can think of should be written down so you have a visible reminder of the steps you need to take in order to complete each stage of your planning process. The process of writing your responsibilities down is a great brainstorming practice that ensures you won’t overlook anything important, but if you’re short of time you can always use readymade templates. However you go about making your list, it feels pretty good when you finally get to cross items off it!

Follow Your Budget

The budget will set the limitations for all that you do, so you need to make sure you’ve set a practical financial plan and stick to it. Take the time to consider where your funds are coming from, making sure not to overestimate what ticket sales, sponsorships, or internal budgets can produce. Creating partnerships with sponsors who can offer direct funds or donations is a great way to save money.

Take Advantage of (Almost) Free Marketing

Once you’re ready to start advertising your event, don’t underestimate the role that social media can play in your marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Hangouts are all great ways to drum up interest well in advance of the event. For a little extra money, you can boost any of your posts or the event page itself to ensure that it’s seen by more people within your targeted audience.

Secure an Entertainer

It can be easy to overlook the power of an entertainment break during your corporate event, but they’re an important addition to any function, regardless of what your objectives are. A comedian or entertainer can help drive home the lessons and missives behind the event in a charming and hilarious way that’s guaranteed to keep audiences engaged. By delivering these messages in a humourous way, they can help your guests remember the point behind the event; or, they can simply be there for comic relief as a moment for audiences to unwind and socialize after a long day of learning. There’s a corporate entertainer that’s right for every event, and we can connect you with a performer that will enhance your guests’ experience and reach your event’s objectives. You only need to call.

Be Prepared for Disaster

You became an event planner because you think of and organize for everything. Sometime before your event, it’s a good idea to brainstorm some of the things that could go wrong. Without the pressure of it being the big day, you can sit back and consider practical solutions for the unexpected. Having a contingency plan like this in your back pocket can help you keep your cool should disaster strike.

Though they may seem simple, these tips are shared by some of the most successful corporate event planners in the country. Follow them, and your event will go off without a hitch!

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