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Emcees Keep Your Networking Event Running Smoothly

Plan a Successful Networking Event with a Motivational Speaker

Networking events make your industry hum, and they’re great ways for entrepreneurs and small business owners to connect with emerging and established talent in their field. Every bright idea, every brilliant collaboration, began with a chance connection. Experts on creativity like author Jonah Lehrer believe that chance connections and casual exchanges drive innovation. So what does it take to plan a successful networking event? Corporate Entertainers has been helping event planners with their entertainment needs for parties and functions for over 40 years. Follow these tips and you’re sure to make a name for yourself.

Find your purpose: Are you planning the event to generate leads for your own business? Are you a recruiter trying to find more talented clients to represent, or are you a company looking for the best and brightest minds in your region? Or are you trying to establish your brand as a business leader in your industry? Younger entrepreneurs whose companies are beginning to emerge as important players often feel they need to take a leading role in the business community in order to cement their reputations. Running a networking event for employers and talent is a great way to establish yourself as someone who sits at the head of the table. The first step toward success is clearly identifying your purpose and planning to meet it.

Find your venue: We recommend that you pick a venue that will be both big enough to allow your guests to mingle comfortably over hors d’oeuvres, with a non-obtrusive stage, but intimate enough to encourage mingling. Find a venue where the décor is modern and classy: Edison lights, hardwood floor, and steel accessories are all in right now. Many creative professionals find that industrial architecture is a reminder of the important work they do, even if at the end they can’t hold the fruit of their labour in their hands.

Book a headliner: Booking a show band or an emcee can keep your night moving smoothly without getting boring. The advantage of entertainment is that it provides a relief from the relentless pressure to impress new people in 60 seconds or less, and figure out where you need to be standing next. A band can provide ongoing entertainment throughout the night, or you can get an emcee to deliver a keynote speech. Check out our list of Canadian emcees for ideas – if you can’t find the perfect fit, get in touch with us. We work with emcees across North American and we book all kinds of emcees, show bands, comedians, and more.

Plan for lots of mingling time: Of course, don’t let food or speeches overwhelm the true purpose of your event. It’s about people making connections and planting the seeds that will lead to great ideas in the future. You should also consider your layout and set some parameters. A sit down environment works well for smaller events, but if you’re bringing together a large number of attendees, you will want to create an environment where people feel free to move around.

Follow these tips and your networking event is sure to make waves. Establish your brand as a business leader and foster connections between employers and talent.


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