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End your Corporate Dinner on a high note with a professional corporate entertainer.

patrickandmatildaEntertainment At A Corporate Dinner Ensures A Fun & Memorable Evening.

Are you arranging a corporate dinner event? The decisions you make will play a major role in the success of the evening. Guests are always impressed by the details, however, they tend to remember two things about the event – the food and if it was fun. The corporate dinner entertainment you book is key to making the event a fun and memorable experience.

End your Corporate Dinner on a high note with a professional corporate entertainer. Following the corporate dinner and speeches, the entertainment hits the stage causing the guests to stir with excitement. Before you know it everyone is laughing and having fun, and by the conclusion of the show, they are in a great mood, perhaps eagerly anticipating the awards. The corporate dinner is about your guests so make sure they stay engaged and entertained to prevent the checking of emails and thinking about other things. The entertainer will ensure guests not only have fun but remain attentive. Professional entertainers are ideal not only for corporate dinners, but also awards banquets, employee appreciation events, motivational events, company golf tournaments/dinners, and much more. Dinner entertainment will make your event an outstanding success!

Patrick and Matilda is a unique ventriloquist show combining original stand up comedy with the ancient arts of ventriloquism and puppetry. Patrick Murray is a world-class ventriloquist/ comedian/ comedy writer; and his Jamaican puppet partner Matilda is Jamaica’s Number One Comedienne.

Jamaican Me Laugh – This laugh filled, multi-cultural show highlights the sexy, sassy, vibrant observations of this hip comedienne. Also featuring guest puppeteer Nicole Murray with Antonio the Spanish ant, this show delivers an incredible performance filled with laugher that will not soon be forgotten. Matilda’s razor sharp wit and uncanny ability to ad lib, combined with Patrick’s talent to write specialized comedy material for any occasion make them a sure fire hit for corporate events. They are the perfect choice to entertain and inform your audience whether it be sales meetings or roasting your employee of the year!

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