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Engaging & Memorable Entertainment For Non-Profit Events

don_cherry_impersonatorTips on good entertainment ideas for non-profit shows

To ensure a successful event, the key is to make it appeal to the needs and preferences of your audience. This is particularly important for non-profit entertainment events because the fundraising entertainer performance is directly linked to attendance numbers. The more people attending the event, the more money is generally raised. To attract attendees to a non-profit event, the key is to create a buzz about the event by booking and promoting engaging and memorable entertainment.

Celebrity Impersonators are always a popular at events, including fundraisers. The audience is always stunned at how the impersonators look and sound like the celebrity they are impersonating, and how they effectively capture the mannerisms of the celebrity. Don Cherry Impersonator Clark Robertson is a 25 year veteran comedian who has take on the Don Cherry persona that is the same classy style and same sharp wit as the real Don Cherry. For more information on Impersonator Don Cherry visit:

Character Comedians are both entertaining and hilarious, adding life to any event. The character comedian’s character and joke telling ability is what makes the performer so funny. The characters they play have real personalities, specific mannerisms, a certain way of talking, particular interests, and their own likes and dislikes. Jimmy The Janitor is a stand-up comedy character created by broadcaster Sandy Gillis in 1987. He is the best of Maritime Canadian Comedy, rolled up into a colourful character. Jimmy’s live performances touch on the personalities and funny situations “down home” in the Maritimes and is, in the words of “Jimmy” creator, Gillis, “A show I can bring my parents to.” Visit Jimmy The Janitor for videos and testimonials.

Sports Comedians are ideal entertainers for non-profit sports events. Sports comedians normally have a connection with the sports world. They have many engaging and hilarious tales and anecdotes to share with an audience, all told with humour and a unique witty insight into human behavior. Veteran Comedian David Merry is a television personality and host, actor, master of ceremonies, magician and certified golf professional. David offers a variety of corporate entertainment services including, The Golf Comic’ – a package designed for company and special event Golf Tournaments, as well as his value-priced corporate entertainment package which includes up to an hour of fun, close-up, sleight-of-hand magic followed later by his after-dinner, interactive, comedy stage show.

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