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Event Planning Trends and Tips to Keep an Eye On in 2014

Whether you’re gearing up for trade shows, major corporate events, conferences or already starting to plan your company’s Christmas party, 2014 is a year full of opportunity.

Each year brings new ideas that seek to make our events more entertaining, engaging and successful. 2014 is no different. Here are some exciting trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

1. Collaboration Conferences and corporate events will continue to shift from simple exchanges to participative learning. Expectations have changed. This shift will impact your venue choices, entertainment and even seating configurations. In the early planning stages, think about how every decision your make can increase interaction and collaboration among your attendees.

2. Venues and Entertainment Collide As events, shows and conferences become more collaborative, there will be more importance placed on the venue and that little “extra something” you offer guests. We can’t get away with a dark hotel ballroom and a one man band anymore. Event planners must re-imagine the spaces they are working with and the entertainment they provide. Your ability to capture the attention of your audience and improve the overall success of the experience depends on it.

3. Bring Back the Fun! While the last few years have made entertainment spending at events a bit of a touchy topic, this upcoming year might break that cycle. Event planners across North America are starting to remember that people are more willing to engage, learn and interact if they are smiling.

Whether it’s hiring a comedian, band, illusionist or maybe even a hypnotist, your entertainment choice can have a direct impact on the success of your event. INSIDER Event Planning Tip

Make It All About Them! If you’re hosting an employee appreciation event, it should really be all about your employees. Don’t assume that just because you’re hosting the event you can do no wrong. Make sure every detail has them in mind.

For example, seat your core employees smack dab in the front and centre, while putting senior management near the back. This is a gesture that really hits a cord. Remember, you’re there to promote these hard working employees, not the company or the executives.

Comedians who have extensive experience in the corporate entertainment industry understand the needs of businesses and what is acceptable for a business audience. Calgary comedians that have extensive experience in areas such as custom, character, motivational, magic and stand-up comedy, plus many more, are ideal for business events. Your guests will enjoy a fabulous experience with lots of laughs.

FEATURED Entertainer: The Incredibly Talented Roman Danylo


Roman Danylo is a stand-up comic, improviser, actor, and writer from Western Canada. He has been performing professionally for the past 25 years and has been an Entertainer, MC, Key Note Speaker and Auctioneer for some of biggest names in the corporate world. Roman uses his comedy improv skills to team-build, brain storm, and break the ice. His unique corporate show combines these skills in a fast-paced and hilarious evening perfect for any occasion.

Read his profile or book him for your event today at

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