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Follow These Dos & Don’ts Of Your Corporate Holiday Party

A Holiday Party Your Guests Will Actually Want To Attend

Anyone who thinks mid-November is too early to start worrying about the holidays has never had to organize their office’s holiday party. You, on the other hand, know better. As the designate event planner you’ve put on enough events to realize it takes a lot more time and effort than you’re given credit for. Though you may not feel ready to deck the halls just yet, you need to embrace your inner festive spirit now in order to pull off the best party in two months’ time. If you don’t, you know that your lack of preparation will shine through, and no one on staff will want to stay for very long. Avoid planning a dud of a holiday celebration. We’ve helped enough event planners and corporate entertainers plan their holiday parties in the past to know how to organize a great event. Follow these simple but effective dos and don’ts we’ve collected over the years.

Do ask for some guidance – Though it may seem like you’re shouldering all of the responsibility on your lonesome, it’s unlikely that you work in a vacuum. Treat your task like you would any other assignment you’re given on the job. Ask your supervisor, manager, or (if it’s appropriate) the owner about the objectives, limitations, and expectations of the event. This will give you a better understanding of what resources are at your disposal and what exactly is expected of you. Once you get the nitty gritty down pat, the party will come together almost organically. Knowing the event’s budget – perhaps the most important aspect of any function – will help you shape your plans.

Don’t forget to ask for input – Once you’ve been given the green light, the stress of time constraints can make you rush through your tasks. It can be easy to start researching and booking your event without asking for your co-workers’ opinions, but it’s important that you slow down. The holidays are the busiest time of year for most people, and your colleagues’ off-hours can be booked full with personal holiday events. Instead of choosing one date that works best for you, send around several potential dates. There might not be one particular time and date that suits everyone’s schedules, but you’ll be able to find a date that works for the majority of the people in your office. While gathering this information, it’s also a good idea to ask if anyone has any dietary restrictions, so you can ensure everyone’s accommodated.

Do secure a venue – With a budget and date in mind, now you can move onto your venue. The earlier that you can find and book this, the easier the rest of your planning will go. It’s important that you do this quickly, as event planners like yourself across the city are competing for the same places. You want the best for your office, so don’t wait and lose out on the ideal location to your competition. The internet is your greatest resource for searching local venues from the comfort of your desk, but if you’re able, a site visit is advisable. After all, everything looks different in person! After amassing a list of suitable locations, contact them to see if they offer services, like in-house catering, decorating and set-up, and clean-up after the event concludes. If the event requires an overnight stay, consider a venue that offers accommodations or has some nearby.

Don’t forget entertainment – The best venue and catering won’t do much if the event doesn’t take on some direction. Left to their own devices, your colleagues can get trapped in awkward conversations about work that can really drain the evening. In some cases, these conversations can be so bad that they chase your guest list away. Having a celebrated corporate entertainer to divert your colleagues’ attention is a great way to avoid these stilted exchanges and give your colleagues something real to talk about. We have no shortage of excellent entertainers from around the country that can impress your guest list. From world-famous comedians like Stewart Francis and Darrin Rose to remarkable tribute artists like Shania Twin and Divas Las Vegas, there’s a performer (or performers) for every event. When you give us a call, we can help find the entertainer best suited for your budget, location, and holiday theme.

Even the smallest end of year celebration takes a lot of co-ordination, dedication, and – most of all – patience. Being prepared, well before the holidays officially start, is definitely worth it. Your hard work will be obvious, and your guest list will actually want to attend. Make sure you’re ready and able to put on the best party yet by following our dos and don’ts when planning your office holiday party. It won’t hurt to keep our number close by either!

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