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Follow These Top Tips To Organize The Best Office Party Ever

Your Guide To Planning A Great Office Party

Since we’ve started back in 1972, we’ve helped thousands of corporate event planners and their companies organize fun and exciting office parties. Over the last 44 years, we like to think we know a thing or two about what it takes to put on a great celebration. As we’ve perfected the art of connecting the best corporate entertainers with our clients, along the way we’ve picked up a few tips, and today we’d like to share that advice.

There are plenty of reasons why you might be planning your office party. It could be to Follow These Top Tips To Organize The Best Office Party Evercelebrate a particular achievement, like closing an important deal or meeting ambitious sales goals. The party could be in honour of the retiring associate who’s spent years with your company. Or, its sole purpose could be an evening of revelry, where colleagues are encouraged only to show up and have fun. Of course, the list does go on, and we’ve seen it all. Whatever reason your crew is getting together, it’s important that you put on an enjoyable event that people want to attend.

We know that can be easier typed out than done, but in our experience, when you keep your eye to certain details, success is sure to follow. First things first, whatever it is you’re celebrating, the occasion should have something for everyone. Your event has to have an activity that appeals to the young, old, and in-between of the office.

For many organizers, an open bar is their first thought to a universal attraction. While alcohol is a sure-fire way to grease the social wheels, it’s perhaps not the best way to encourage employee bonding. When alcohol is free-flowing, the temptation to overindulge can win out over more rational sensibilities. As a result, people can behave differently than they normally would, leading to some embarrassing situations that can affect working relationships. It’s better to limit your generosity to something like 2 drink tickets, and let the guest list decide whether or not they want to indulge in the cash bar.

While the team are sipping responsibly on some cocktails, don’t force them to be their own entertainers. Small talk between co-workers can be tortuous (depending on the co-worker), so never make mingling the main attraction. The main event should be something that will ease the strain of conversation and provide an enjoyable way to while away the hours.

Many of our former clients have chosen from our extensive list of live tribute groups, showbands, and musical impersonators for this very reason. Coming in all shapes and sizes, styles and genres, these musical professionals know how to play a room. You can choose a contemporary band like Wyatt and Rosie & the Riveters or choose a group that specializes in tributes of popular music, like Dr. Strangelove or Retrocity. Whichever live act you choose, our bands will guarantee a fun dance party.

If dancing isn’t your office’s thing, comedy is another popular option for your event. We provide you a handpicked corporate comedian for your evening. Chosen for their suitability according to your crowd, company, and industry, our comedians can provide a hilarious night tailored for your crew. These professionals have toured the world with their side-splitting material and are ready to add your team to the list of audiences they’ve impressed.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating—be it a retirement, an achievement, or good old-fashioned bonding—we have the perfect entertainment that will be hit with all ages. To find out what we can offer, head to our website. You’ll find most of our roster available online; however, since we’re constantly adding new names to our list of talent, it’s best if you give us a call. Once we know what you’re after, we can start suggesting the best names in corporate entertainment.

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