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Get An Upper Hand On your Competition at Trade Shows

paul_pacificA Mentalist can Create a ‘Buzz’ at Trade Show Booths

If you want to attract attention, increase visitor numbers, and create a ‘buzz’ around your products or services at your trade show booth, a mentalist may be the solution for you. A mentalist is a type of performer who utilizes telepathic, intuitive, or other supernatural talents to read the minds of audience members. For Trade Shows, a mentalist ties his or her mentalist abilities to corporate promotion as “infotainment.”

As a trade show presenter, a mentalist gathers a crowd, entertains them while delivering important information about products and services, and they deliver key brand messages that will help the mentalist’s clients find out who, among the crowd, is interested in learning more about the company and the products or services being offered. The result is an increase in lead capture and an increase in sales, with an overall increase in ROI. As well, once the crowd is having fun around a booth they are more likely to remember the company and message.

A mentalist creates an incredible presence at a trade show booth. At Corporate Entertainers, we have the best trade show mentalists. Paul Pacific is Canada’s leading mentalist. Paul is a performer who uses telepathy, the power of suggestion and sound psychological principals. If you want your booth to stand out at a trade show, then you can‘t afford to do without Mentalist Paul Pacific! Paul will utilize your company‘s product or service in his mind-reading experiments to customize his performance to your specific needs. Imagine an extraordinary experience that your potential clients will never forget because your company will be locked in their mind for days afterwards. This unique experience will leave your competitors wishing that they had hired Paul first!! Paul’s main ingredient is ‘showmanship’ which he uses to tie his show all together and make it an entertaining experience.

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