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Get the Top Performers to Help Celebrate a Milestone Year

the_timebenders_showbandCelebrate Your Corporate Anniversary with the Best

You would never (purposefully) let the anniversary of your wedding go by uncelebrated. So why would you overlook the opportunity to observe an important milestone in your business’ history? Whether it’s your first year in business or the mark of your silver jubilee, a corporate anniversary is an opportunity to acknowledge where you’ve come from and appreciate where you’re headed. It’s a time to celebrate all of the hard work you and your employees have invested and to reap the rewards of your success.

The temptation to revel in your own personal successes as the founder or CEO of the company may be great, but resist the urge to grandstand. First and foremost your business’ anniversary is a chance to recognize the people who helped you get where you are today, from all rungs of the ladder. By sharing the praise, you’ll boost employee morale. Both pride and loyalty for the brand will increase as they see themselves as active participants in your success story.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a relatively young company or one steeped in tradition, a corporate anniversary isn’t just an excuse to party. It’s also an occasion to interact with clients and other important individuals who helped you get where you are today. Significant milestones are an excellent marketing tool that can help raise brand awareness to new and prospective clients alike. As you combine your celebration with special deals, sales, or services, you can highlight memorable moments in your history and showcase major achievements. Drawing attention to your company’s accomplishments is a way perfect way to emphasize your enterprise’s strengths.

It wouldn’t be untrue to say this particular event has many roles to play. Between boosting morale and promoting your brand, it’s an important occasion that demands to be memorable. A simple dinner or in-office party (during office hours) is no way to celebrate in style. Your anniversary should be a fun-filled night guaranteed to make clients and employees feel extra special.

Nothing can make the guests of your anniversary party feel valued like the addition of a corporate entertainer. A stand-up comic, an awe-inspiring mentalist, or show band that makes you want to dance can elevate any party to the next level. A skilfully chosen entertainer is the finishing touch your anniversary needs, and we can help you pick the perfect one.

Since 1972, we’ve connected the top organizations with the best comedians, mentalists, and bands to create exciting and memorable events. Check out our huge roster of corporate entertainers. You can choose any of them and they’ll add instant value to your celebration. For example, a hysterical comedian can do more than just tickle the funny bones of your guests; they can create a set specifically tailored for your special event. Punctuating their jokes with your company’s history, highlights, and awards, they’ll share the fun memories of your company.

If you’re gearing up to celebrate a particularly important milestone, we suggest doubling up on your entertainment. Start off the night with laughs by booking a comedian, then finish off the night with an energetic dance party. We’ll help you find the comedic and musical style that best fits your guest list, so nobody’s left out on the big day. To get the ideal performers for your special anniversary, give us a call. We’ll work with you to find the best entertainers.

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