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Getting To Know Newfie Stand-up Comedian Lisa Baker

“Regardless of venue or rules of the gig, Standup Comedian Lisa Baker works to stay as true as possible where she is comfortable, and that’s with telling jokes that audiences can relate to, that makes them drop their guard and relax. Lisa has that Newfoundlander sharp wit and sense of humour that is well known and loved across Canada.” 

Lisa Baker is a Standup Comedian from Newfoundland now living in Alberta!  Lisa was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. After starting a professional stand-up career on the island over six years ago, she moved to Alberta, as Newfies tend to do. “ Growing up in Newfoundland, we had Wonderful Grand Band, then Codco. I grew up watching these comedy troupes and was heavily influenced by the Newfoundland brand of humor – specifically, making fun of ourselves.”  For additional information on how to bring Lisa and other great comedians to your event visit our Hire a Comedian Page.

Lisa has opened for Canadian comedy legends such as Mike MacDonald, Kenny Robinson, and Darren Frost, and most recently opened for comedy veterans Paul Reiser, Rob Schneider, and Tom Green. “My exposure to other artists as I got older inspired me, and now I find so many sources of inspiration from the comics that I’ve watched and worked with. My everyday life is certainly a non stop source of inspiration; a sense of humor when your a parent, especially a single parent, is almost a necessity.”

So how did Lisa’s earlier career choices lead her to where she is now? “I started in Newfoundland at a time when there was really nowhere a comedian, whether new or seasoned pro, could perform regularly. I took it upon myself to find that stage time. Karaoke bars became my favorite place to perform. A comedy club eventually opened and even now, years later, I still feel spoiled at every gig that’s not me telling jokes to a room full of drunks that came to enjoy the musical styling’s of their dart buddies. I think this led me to approach paid gigs very professionally; I’m just so grateful to perform for an appreciative audience. I’m also genuinely grateful to be at a point where I get paid for this. I learned early on to work for what I want, rather than feel entitled to it. There’s really no such thing as seniority in comedy so you have to constantly work towards those things you want.”

How does Lisa Baker ensure that her presentation is memorable? “My biggest goal during a set – after being funny – is to be honest. Most audiences can spot a phony, and they relate when a comedian is honest. I also embrace my culture and accent, which has been appreciated much more off the island. It’s difficult to forget the comedian ranting onstage about everything from hitting a coyote on the highway to finding out she had an accent once she left Newfoundland.”

Standup Comedian Lisa Baker is constantly pushing to evolve and raise the bar, to test her  own limits and ability. Lisa’s diverse background – single parent, trades-person, university educated, and proud Newfoundlander, has inspired her material and resulted in an eclectic collection of jokes that resonate with audiences all throughout Canada.

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