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Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With Lighthearted Corporate Events

The holidays are usually depicted as times of revelry, relaxation, and joy—in and out of the office. But while most people look forward to spending more time with loved ones and taking a well-earned break, the post-holiday season never carries the same kind of excitement. For many people, January, February, and March stretch ahead as months of short days, little sunlight, dark nights, and snow, slush, and cold, with little to look forward to or enjoy. It’s tough to wake up in the dark only to crawl through snow-trapped traffic, spend the whole day sitting in a sterile, fluorescent-lit office, and get stuck in another dull commute on our way home, only to repeat the process the next cold morning. If we’re not a bit gloomy, we’re at least itching for spring and sunlight, counting down the days until another Canadian winter is behind us.

If you or your co-workers are feeling unmotivated, agitated, irritable, hungry, fatigued, sleepy, cloudy or unable to concentrate, and even downright depressed, “S.A.D.” might be to blame. No—this isn’t a team of evil super-villains, but a condition that stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it affects millions of people in North America every year with varying degrees of severity. Wintertime depression hits for a number of reasons, with the most pivotal being lack of vitamin D3 normally transmitted through the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Without the sun, we also experience a decrease in happy-inducing serotonin chemicals and find our circadian rhythms upset—leading to less natural pleasures and more disturbed sleep patterns. Other attendant symptoms stem from our misguided coping mechanisms for not feeling well to begin with—when we’re tired and cold and unhappy, we tend to seek comfort in starchy, fatty, and salty foods, in decreased activity and sleeping in, and alcohol and drugs. This creates a snowball effect: we lose motivation to exercise, start nursing more hangovers, and start craving even more crappy food and need extra rest to replenish. This explains why facing another frigid January workday after weeks of mood-altering behaviour just isn’t the same as biking to work on a sunny morning in July!

If you’re in charge of corporate events at your place of business, you can’t snap your fingers and snap people out of S.A.D.-induced funks. You can’t buy everyone a light therapy ultraviolet device, you can’t tell them to keep eating their fruits and veggies and make them hit the gym, and you can’t force them outside. However, you can give them something to look forward to—and that’s a lighthearted, depression-fighting burst of laughter, energy, and camaraderie. One of the best methods to fight S.A.D. is to keep up and maintain an active social circle, as close contact with peers fights the urge to burrow and become even more isolated in our depression. Why not create an event that boasts lots of laughs, great (and healthy) food, and most importantly, a chance for your co-workers to socialize and beat the winter blues together? Looking forward to a date in the cold, dry spell of January might mean all the difference for someone’s motivation!

Why not let us help you book the husband-and-wife mentalist team, The Evasions? Their unique blend of telekinesis, levitation, mind-reading, and flat out hilarity will blow the doldrums off of any sleepy officemate. For an even more comical approach to magic, give Perry James a try—he’s got tried and true methods for making people forget about their problems, and with style and flare to burn. If a magical evening isn’t your style, why not reserve a night with Graham Chittenden, a pro who’ll give your corporate team a fresh, clean, and thoroughly Canadian take on confessional comedy that will surely lighten the mood and crack some smiles. Or why not make comedy and the headlines collide with the help of Bob Robertson, a natural wit and charming performer who can make just about anybody happy!

Whatever your inclination, and regardless of how your team is feeling, give the gang something to look forward to this season with help from Corporate Entertainers—your happy-making talent agency for even the darkest Canadian winters!

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