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sylvain_larocqueWhen planning a corporate event such as an annual dinner meeting, employee appreciation dinner, sales meeting, association gathering, or corporate party, you can make the event a tremendous success by hiring a clean corporate comedian as the event’s entertainment.

There are a wide range of different comedians with experience performing for corporate audiences. These hilarious professionals include: custom comedians, improv comedians, musical comedians, motivational comedians, and much more. Other fun and hilarious entertainers who would definitely be a corporate crowd pleaser include: comedy magicians, variety comedians, and juggler comedians. By choosing one of these professional comedians, you can make your next event truly unforgettable – a guaranteed great time for everyone.

Remember, funny does not have to be filthy. Corporate comedians experienced at performing at corporate events understand the corporate audience. They know not to be vulgar so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing the organization or upsetting audience members. Your group will enjoy hilarity without any awkward moments. Good clean fun is what corporate comedians are all about.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have a roster of some of funniest corporate comedians. Sylvain Larocque is a Quebec native who has made a name for himself across Canada, cracking up audiences from coast to coast. Rhythm, quality writing and impeccable timing are what make Sylvain one of the most sought after comedic performers in the country today.

Sylvain’s versatility as a performer enables him to work in many ways – he can be an endearing host, and can also write hilarious comedic material. will turn a dry presentation into one with humour, which will ensure the message sticks.His extensive and skilled background makes Sylvain the perfect choice to host, emcee or simply do stand-up comedy at any corporate event. A big plus is that he can do the job in French, in English or Bilingually, switching languages back and forth, adjusting to the crowd, making everybody feel happy and a part of the event.

Sylvain Larocque’s business background and his clean, sure-fire comedic style enable him to be in tune with the corporate environment. Furthermore, his writing talent makes it possible for him to produce customized material, if so required, for any corporate venue. With his extensive knowledge of the corporate world he adapts his act in order to please the most demanding audiences and event organizers. For more information about Sylvain Larocque, please visit:

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