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Hire A Comedian that is a great match for your audience

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When planning to hire a comedian for your event, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to ensure you get the right comedian who meets your specific event requirements. If you do not have any experience hiring talent, it can seem like an overwhelming task. This is why the services of an entertainment booking agency is so important when looking to hire a comedian. With many years experience in the entertainment industry, talent booking reps know exactly what comedians will work well in any given environment.

How to Hire a Comedian:

1. Determine the type of comedian who will fit your event and audience. It is important to consider the type of people who will be attending. Comedy is subjective so not all comedy material will be enjoyed by every audience. When planning to hire a comedian consider the audience age, ethnicity, gender mix, and general disposition. You should also consider the event atmosphere such as a corporate formal dinner, stag party, college campus party, etc. It is important to hire a comedian who will appropriately complement the atmosphere.

2. When using an entertainment booking agency, there are multiple ways to hire a comedian. Find a comedian for hire by: a) Browsing through the comedian profile pages on corporate entertainers website. You will see the pages are categorized under comedians as well as specific types of comedians such as Standup Comedians, Headline Comedians, Aboriginal ComediansBilingual Comedians, and more. b) Use the quick search box to search using budget range, city, and topic.

3. Fill out an Entertainment Request Form, or call us at 1.800.693.6665, or by email

Hiring a comedian is just that easy! We work with you to ensure you get the best comedian for your event.

If you have any questions about how to hire comedians as your event entertainment, we would be more than happy to help in any way! Visit our website or call TOLL FREE 1-800-693-6665.

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